Is the landline dead?



  • There's a point here that people don't seem to realise...

    1. If you get broadband down your landline, the line rental maintains the line. Crackly line, slow connection, outages, storm damage? Your line rental pays to fix these, which affect broadband just as much as voice.

    2. Landline calls cross-subsidise other services. There's a reason why Virgin are so keen on throwing in a 'free' landline to their packages. Because they hope you'll use it and clock up (expensive) call charges. Take the landline away, and you can't spend on calls. So even if you never use it, some proportion of people do and that makes it cheaper for everyone.

    So you can have broadband without line rental, but it isn't any cheaper - in fact it's likely to be more expensive.
  • Fairoaks wrote: »
    This online poll is biased. Over 60s are most in favour of landline & many are excluded from this poll as they are the least likely to have internet.
    Calls from landlines can be free using 0800 numbers & certain time frames for national calls & 0854 numbers. Reception is often better too. Obviously mobiles have their place when away from home. I use both according to where I am.

    Another point is that this is a forum full of 'Money Saving Experts', who are aware of the cost involved in using a landline. Many people will use the landline just because its there, and won't look into the cost involved.

    Also Sky require you to connect your box to a landline. While they don't really police single boxes, those with multiroom are required to keep it connected to the phone line all the time. You can also find alarm systems which require a landline to connect to.
  • Not in this house, it isn't. I only give out my mobile number to a selected few people as, quite frankly, I do not want to give anyone permission to ring me any time they fancy. You can even text a a landline these days.
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  • bundly
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    I must be a dinosaur.

    I make all my calls on my landline. I am with Sky, all calls are free 24/7 up to 60 minutes, also to 13 countries.

    Only use a mobile when meeting someone in case plans go awry.
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    luxor4t wrote: »
    As long as we have Mil, we'll have to have a landline. She doesn't ring mobile numbers .... yes, I know that is illogical, but good luck trying to get her to understand :doh:

    It's perfectly logical if she does not have a contract mobile.

    You can make any landline call for as long as you like for 5p using 1899 or free in the evenings and at weekends if you get the appropriate BT contract (no extra cost).

    Thus you can talk to landlines for hours for very little a month whereas calling mobiles always incurs a per minute charge.

    The problem is with morons who won't answer their landlines because they think they are being 'cool' only using a mobile.
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    Yep mines dead but thats cause theres only a handful of people know my number. All and sundry get my mobile number. OH only had it to fax his timesheets in and i'd get rid of it tomorrow as i think its a waste of money.
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