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Is the landline dead?

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  • popps1popps1 Forumite
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    Couldn't agree more. Myself and my son both pay full landline rental just to have broadband yet use mobiles. Shouldn't be necessary should be able to just have broadband somehow.
  • Only ever use the landline for calling 0800 numbers (i get 0870 etc free from my mobile). Only time it ever rings its either my mum or the MIL i dont even know the number for it!
  • lkmc01lkmc01 Forumite
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    When I'm at home I use my landline to ring other landlines as its free. There is no point in using my minutes from my mobile and hence having a higher mobile allowance package. I also use my landline for 0870 and 0845 as they are also free.

    When I'm at home and want to ring a mobile I use my mobile as there is no need then for me to add the mobiles package to my landline.

    When I am out I use my mobile for everything but only ring 0845 and 0870 when at home.

    I find this is the best and cheapest way to keep my landline and mobile monthly costs to the minimum.
  • Torry_QuineTorry_Quine Forumite
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    roddydogs wrote: »
    Not having as landline No is sefish, why should we have to pay 15p Pm to call you? or 30p pm from a cell phone?. Majorly annoying.

    I would say that it annoys the heck out of me if I only have a mobile number as it would cost me a fortune to call.

    Any calls I make are from my home phone unless away on holiday and keeping in touch or very short important calls when I will use my mobile. I suspect this may be a generational thing as those of us of a certain age didn't grow up with mobiles
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  • PlutoinCapricornPlutoinCapricorn Forumite
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    It is for me! Mobile BB, cheap PAYG mobile phone work for me.

    I use email for as my preferred communication, and otherwise text if possible as I detest talking on the phone.
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  • Pretty amazing really.
    I only have a landline because I need a fast internet access. I would really love to ditch BT for ripping me off. My last bill comprised of:

    Payment processing fee: £5.67
    Late payment fee : £7.50
    No calls fee : £3.00


    I have NO CHOICE but to pay these outrageous charges for a telephone line that I do not use for telephone calls.


    And for the simple minded out there, please do not advise me as to how I can avoid the payment processing fee and late payment fee.
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  • brewerdavebrewerdave Forumite
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    Have to keep my landline because a) mobile signals are very poor in my house
    b) no Virgin cable
    BUT to keep costs down 1. pay rental 12 mnths in advance to my ISP who then give me free E & W/E calls in with b/band package 2. use 18185 for all daytime calls 3. use SayNo to 0870 site for alternatives to 0844/5 or 0870/1 numbers whenever possible. & 4. send texts to mobiles asking mobile phone users to phone me since they nearly all get free minutes on contract!!!
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    Greybeard0151Greybeard0151 Forumite
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    With Plusnet, for £5 extra per month I can make virtually all the calls I need to, including to most EU countries. But then I know very few people who are totally hooked on mobiles :)
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    JooFrooJooFroo Forumite
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    I have a landline which is used for broadband and all telephone calls, as they are free at evenings and weekends. I really object to calling a mobile as I have to pay - perhaps I'm just mean! My line rental, phone and broadband bill rarely exceeds £20 per month, but when my son was without a landline for a few months I really noticed the increase in charges as I had to ring his mobile.

    Probably it's a generation thing - I'm 61, and only bought my first mobile about 12 years ago, unlike children now who seem to have them from a very early age.
  • Broadband is the reason I got a landline. However, if I didn't have a landline I'm sure I'd spend much of the tenner-ish a month it costs on making calls from my mobile instead. As it is, I'm on a £1 a month TalkMobile contract with only 25 inclusive minutes, which is a bargain, so an individual call is usually free/cheaper from my landline (disregarding the flat fee).
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