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BB's back........and the debt is higher than ever!! :-0

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Some of you may remember me....I've been around the DFW board for a while, but haven't posted on my other diary for some time......things have got a little out of hand (mostly due to our recently holiday) and so now I'm try & get back in control and keep track of where I'm at!

We had our first foreign holiday recently, which we'd booked last year but had to end up putting a lot of the payment on the cards (I know....:(), coupled with all the extra expenses that we had to incur (£300+ for passports, clothes, money for food etc etc) we're in a bit of a mess! We can afford all the minimum payments and a fair bit extra - but with Christmas fast approaching, we've also got to save for that too!!

I have looked at all the balances today....and added them up (which I was avoiding doing!!) so the grand total is:

This is made up of:

Natwest card £1030.90
Overdraft £683.07
M&S Card £538.24
Barclaycard £2355.33
Mom £150
Halifax £1840.33

Pay day is fast approaching (thank heavens) so some further payments will be going out in the next couple of weeks. I'm also going to try & sell a few items (kids bike, scooter, roofbars) locally on Facebook (after I got conned by a buyer recently and lost money, I'm avoiding eBay!!)

I've also got to shop around for my electricity/gas supplier as my current deal ends in the next couple of weeks and I'll be going on their standard tarriff)

Next big expenses is kids' school shoes.......looking at around £120 for 3 pairs!! I have the rest of the uniform that we need (am holding off on replacing stuff that will last a few more months or until the next growth spurt hits!!) Normally I would have just bought new stuff, regardless of whether it was really needed - just because it was the start of the new school year - madness!!! I'm going to take my DD's old school shoes with us, as they are in good condition and, if they still fit her, she can go back to schoo in them and have a new pair when she's outgrown them. My boys' need new shoes - but they're really good - both of them only needed one pair for the whole of the last school year!!:T

Right off to do some food shopping (meal plan and list in hand) as we have little in after getting back yesterday. Will check in later!!
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  • Well have returned from my shopping to total up the spends:eek:

    Iceland £11.00
    Mr S £8.24
    Home Bargains £10.40
    Aldi £28.53
    Homebase £6.99 (blades for lawnmower..)

    All in all, today's spends £65.16

    Makes a change to have to cook tonight... got used to eating out whilst we were away:rotfl:Had meatballs in a tomato sauce with rice....nom nom

    Holiday washing is done and in various stages.....a lot of it dried today outside as the weather was fairly good, and I did use the drier (as there was so much:() however, there's more to get dried tomorrow and my ironing pile is ridiculous!!!! Really can't face doing any still exhausted from the holiday - now I understand the saying that you need a holiday to recover from a holiday:rotfl:

    Not back to work for another week and a half :Tso am hoping to be miss super-organised and sorted by then. My list of things-to-do includes:

    • Weigh myself tomorrow morning and start my health eating again (went to pot over the school holidays)
    • Restart my running (not done for a good month - this is going to be hard!!)
    • Be on top of my ironing and then do a little each day
    • Organise paperwork and finish my shredding (I have a bag full!!!)
    • Get the house tidy, clean and sorted (don't hold much hope to keep it this way....3 kids have a habit of making a lot of mess!!)
    • Label kids' uniforms:( - hate that job!
    • Close dormant credit card accounts that I don't use
    I'm sure there's many more things to be done....but that'll do for now. Little is going to get done over the next few days as I'm meeting up with various friends, with the kids:laugh: but I'll try and knuckle down at the weekend!

    Am thinking my salary may go in tomorrow....early due to the bank fingers crossed as we have no money left!! :mad:

    Have a good evening - right, am off to catch up with some other diaries - try & get some motivation!!!!
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  • It's so quiet......DH just leaving for work, all the children are asleep....just chilling with a cup of tea before the madness starts again!

    Have weighed myself....9st surprised as this was pretty much what I weighed before going on holiday. Would like to get it down below 9 1/2 stone if possible. Have found, like everyone else I guess, that it's much harder to lose as you get that bit older ;)

    So today's plan includes looking after my niece & nephew, and meeting up with a friend and her 3 children. There will be 8 children in all......:eek:

    Planning a NSD today....will have to get petrol if we go out, but I don't include this, as it's a budgeted necessary spend.

    Here's hoping the weather stats dry so we can get the kids out in the fresh air!!! Have a good day x
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    brummiebabebrummiebabe Forumite
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    Well it's been a great day (generally..)

    Had a lovely day with my friend and all the children - they all got on, which was even better! We sat and drank tea, and put the world to rights (well had a good moan anyway.....mostly about money...or the lack of it :rotfl:)

    Then the letter came about our PPI claim - which they've agreed to pay out on as a "goodwill gesture" - the PPI was on a loan from 13 years we've got £1500 coming our way :j:j:jDH and I have both agreed on how we're going to use the once it comes through, the overdraft and debt to my mum will be gone!!! We'll then save the rest towards Christmas - allowing us to start throwing a fair bit at the debt from next month - rather than having to wait until Christmas was out of the way!!! So, once we've done this - even without other payments, we'll be able to reduce the debt by around £835!!!! We're so chuffed - secretly hoped it would pay out but never dared to think they would!!

    On a more negative note.....DH had an emergency dental trip today which has cost £48 and my iron's blown up (tripping the electrics twice tonight) so need to replace that too :mad::mad::mad: why do these things always happen at the same time??? In one hand....out the other.....

    Am feeling good tonight......this feels like the boost we need.....I now don't have to worry about Christmas and how we can afford it!!!!!! Can't wait to start throwing money at my M&S card (the only one with interest at the moment!)
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  • Happy bank holiday weekend!!!!

    Woke up at 6.00am (why does that always happen when you don't have to get up???) so checked my banking & worked out next month's budget. Have paid £50 to my M&S card.....if I have any money leftover at the end of the month then I'll be throwing it at that. It'll probably be a month before we get the PPI payout as DH has to return an acceptance form first - frustrating, but at least we know it's heading our way!

    Should really battle on with trying to get the house straight & organised this morning. Have some important filing (passports etc) that I need to do, plus some more shredding.....I've been gradually shredding a huge backlog over the last month:rotfl:

    DS2 has football training this morning then we're off to catch up with another friend this afternoon. We'll be eating there, so it's a none cooking day for me:j

    Have to get petrol today (as I've been running on fumes since we got back from our holiday) but shouldn't need to buy anything else

    Today's list includes:

    Tidy bedroom
    File passports & paperwork
    Shred remainder of paperwork
    Clean kitchen floor
    Vacuum upstairs
    Dust bedrooms
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  • Ended up having a NSD as I took DH's car rather than mine when I visited my friend, which means I can put petrol in tomorrow instead!

    Had a really nice day catching up with my friend and her family, but things have gone downhill since home & DH was in a very funny mood which hasn't improved all evening. I don't know what's up with him....he went to bed at 9.30 - am pleased really as I don't have to tread on eggshells around him. Am a bit upset though, as he seems cross with me & I have no idea why!!

    So I'm using the peace & quiet to catch up on the soaps on the iPlayer......he moans when I watch those think it would be easier to be single sometimes:(
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  • chevalierchevalier Forumite
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    Nice one on the PPI claim. I keep trying to get my OH to sort out his, but nope.... SIGH.
    I want a job that is less than an hour driving away from my house! Are you listening universe?
  • chevalier wrote: »
    Nice one on the PPI claim. I keep trying to get my OH to sort out his, but nope.... SIGH.

    That's a shame Chevalier - all it took was a phone call! No letter writing or anything!!;)
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  • Congrats on the PPI claim! I know what you mean about in and out though - DH had some work-related expenses he has just claimed back - about £200. Which is also the cost of his recent dental treatment! Grr.
    Go to the ant, thou sluggard
  • That's the way it always goes for us....£400 from mortgage company for switching product....clutch goes on car costing just over £400!!!! Oh well, at least it didn't have to go on the credit card I suppose;)
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  • Well done on the PPI claim!! Xx
    :)DS1 10yrs :)DS2 7yrs :)DS3 born March 2012
    "Mothers of little boys work from son up until son down"
    It seems that for success in science or art, a dash of autism is required. - Hans Asperger
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