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UK Hols and Theatre

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2 FOR 1 London days out loophole

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MSE_MartinMSE_Martin Money Saving ExpertMoneySaving Expert
8.3K posts

Update Note March 2014.This offer's no longer available but see the latest offers on our main site:

Days Out Deals Note

London Zoo Discounts


There's a website with hoards of 2for1 vouchers for places like London Zoo, Madame Tussards,Sticky Fingers restaurant etc. You can get as many vouchers as you want.

The condition?

You need a valid train ticket for that day.

The Loophole?

With the saving being up to £15, even if you're not going on the train go buy a ticket for a couple of quid then use the voucher. For example a one way ticket from a central london station (e.g. marylebone for Tussards/London Zoo) is £1.90.

The site is, it allows you to print more than one voucher so you can continue to do this.

Also read full articles :

Pay Less for all Days Out
Train Fare MoneySaving

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  • superhoopsuperhoop Forumite
    300 posts
    Hi Martin:

    Great tip and a great newsletter (as always!)

    My wife and I saw this promotion a while back. Does it have to be a national rail ticket, or will a Underground ticket or travelcard do. Do you have to buy the ticket from a mainline station?

    I hunted high and low in the t&cs but I could not find the answer.

    Thanks very much for all your good work!

    We are QPR, say we are QPR!
  • jaimeojaimeo Forumite
    94 posts
    used loads the other week. did actually travel by train but nowhere asked us for tickets as proof

    Err, I'll get back to you about the funny signature
  • RufusARufusA Forumite
    940 posts
    I'd second that, visited London Aquarium twice using 2for1 vouchers and neither time was asked for train tickets.

  • does anyone know yetif it has to be a mainline station or if a tubecard will suffice? i couldnt afford to get there only to find out it had to be a train. also is it just one ticket or one per person?

    thanks mse ers
  • Great saving over all, thanks
  • My local overground stationmaster told me that an underground travelcard would work as well. Haven't tried it yet though, but there are lots of overground stations within the travelcard zones, so it makes sense.
  • EcO_3EcO_3 Forumite
    42 posts

    What happens if you have already access to all the zones in central london (monthly pass for the tube train and bus). Can you still qualify by showing your oyster card with the original receipt?
  • timmo44timmo44 Forumite
    244 posts
    Best bet is to buy your travelcard from an overland station instead of the undergroud (London Bridge, Charing Cross, Liverpool Street, Paddington, King's Cross etc...) They are exactly the same cost and usage etc but validates the 2for1London deals.

    However, as mentioned previously, most places don't even ask to see it (but better safe than sorry!) Tower of London is good and saves you £13 on 2 adults.

    I also recommend the Thames boat services to get about with. See

    Most people don't even know this exists but it's a good way of seeing lots of attractions up the river. We got a Hopper Pass which allows you on and off the Embankment - Waterloo - Bankside - Tower - Greenwich catamarans for £9 but you could also get 1/3rd off with a valiud travelcard. Well worth £6 as the route takes in a lot of attractions examples as follows:

    Embankment - West End, Covent Garden, Leicester and Trafalgar Squares.
    Waterloo - London Eye, Festival Hall, County Hall and Aquarium.
    Bankside - Globe Theatre, Tate Modern, Oxo Tower, Millennium Bridge, Clink Prison Museum.
    Tower - Go under Tower Bridge, Tower of London, St Katherine's Dock
    Greenwich - Cutty Sark, Greenwich Market (weekends) and Naval College.

    Good fun on a sunny day (good luck for that!)
  • Do you know if you can buy the train ticket at another station - eg i live in kent but can i buy a ticket for the overground journey in london from the station near me?
  • starlite_2starlite_2 Forumite
    2.4K posts
    ha ha..funny as i was just looking for a london zoo voucher, and came across that website and noticed this myself. i was just coming on here to post and ask if anyone else had gotten away with it, as i will be travelling from a zone 2 mainline sation...great stuff!
    Membre Of Teh Misspleing Culb
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