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    I have the same problem with a company called IDR finance with the debt is being managed by Link Finance. Heres a bit of history....

    ...The debt was originally taken out in 2002 with MSDW. Whilst the account was in good order it was transferred to Goldfish (2005) and then Barclaycard (2008). It's whilst with BC that i ran into trouble and received a DN from mercers in Oct 2010. I actually started my DMP with Payplan in Nov 2010 and this account has never been reported as a default (D) but instead as a series of (6's).

    The account history on my credit file from Mar -Dec 2010 was as follows...

    MAR (1) APR (AR) MAY (AR) JUN (AR) JUL (AR) AUG (2) SEP (3) OCT (4) NOV (5) DEC (6)....

    ... and (6)s ever since.

    Many Thanks
  • hi there did you get anywhere with your complaint i lost my job back in 2013 and had a credit card with coop who defaulted me after 6 missed payments i had a loan with bank of scotland who defaulted me after 3 missed payments however barclaycard kept me on a status 6 for 7 months then sold my debt to link financial who have have me on an arrangement to pay for the last year however between dec 2013 and dec 2014 there is no history for the account i have put a complaint in as i think all my accounts should have been defaulted at same time as now been put back 2years in my quest to get better credit


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