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Is anyone starting from scratch???

edited 21 December 2012 at 3:32PM in How much have you saved?
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  • davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    Hi Michael
    You will get there. I had thought times were tough for me. As I mentioned previously a lot of mine has come from cutting back on unnesscary shopping.
    Mind you that amount is a saftey net and the first one i've had in a long while. I'm the only one in our marriage that saves and although my husband earns more than me (i'm part time) he does pay more than the share of bills. Mind you I pay most of the car expenses. He does contribute for the larger costs such as MOT as we both benefit from having a car.
    Your £80 is a start. It can't easy with 2 young children & an unemployed partner. Those were the hardest times for me when my son was younger and I only had a few hours work.
    Back on the trains again!

  • PHARRPHARR Forumite
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    LaLa_22 wrote: »

    I've been reading a lot of savings diaries on here over the weekend but it has daunted me a a lot of them already have a large amount of savings to start with!

    Is anyone starting saving from scratch, literally £0? Because thats where I am at the moment and I feel a little useless now haha!

    Im 23 and rent with my boyfriend so I'm not left with a huge amount after bills etc...

    Would love to hear anyone thats in a similar situation

    Thanks guys!



    Im 22 currently fully employed and take in after tax around £1100 a month. I manage to spend all of this by the last week of the month. However around February time me and my OH (who earns around £800) will be renting a place together so if you can imagine we both have no savings as of yet, Xmas is creeping up fast, social life spirals around this time alot so i guess we won't even start until we get a place.

    I pay alot of bills and have a few Direct Debits thats come out monthly, you just need to realise people may have alot of money started for saving but how do you think it got there in the first place?

    I saw somewhere on here a challenge like 'Save £2012 in 2012' so I'm going to do this but for 2013.

    Don't be daunted, start little...itl turn big.
    Better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot.
  • Another £98 added to bring my total up to £900.01.Might not be able to put as much in over the next few wks with Christmas coming up but will try as hard as i can to keep the momentum going!
  • davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    MMmm... Not so good so far this month. An unexpected trip to the vet for the cat has cost me more cash this month. Though thats sort of covered in the monthly put aside. I am trying to use this from regular spends.
    Then my diy budget went on winter boots!? I figured these were more of a nesscesity at present as my other pairs of shoes are not waterproof and one pair are now uncomfortable for anything but a short walk.
    Have also been buying a few pressies for Xmas now to spread things out a bit.
    Two weeks till payday, might just manage it.
    Back on the trains again!

  • blue_mangoblue_mango Forumite
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    I am starting from scratch now, but for me it will always be like this because I spent all of the savings once I get to my goal. Have some health issues and need to save up 2000-3000 pounds (from a minimum wage) to be able to go to a doctor; this week was the first time when I started some procedures and it motivated me even more after seeing what a difference it makes to my life :) So now I just need to pay off my 2 credit cards this payday and start saving again.

    I will also add a tiny saving pot for my mum - I just realized that if something happened to her, my siblings wouldn't be able to help, and I don't want to rely on mercy of some other relatives. It will be just a little bit each month but it's ok as she lives abroad, in a poorer country. Will start with 30 pounds :)
  • Had to take £80 out of my bank acount the other day to pay my part for my dd and ds Chrismas present which is a wii between the 2 of them which puts me down to £821 :mad:but intend to add £280 next Thursday bringing my total to £1101 which isn't too bad since the beginning of September.Did an extra days o/t in work this wk and im delivering phonebooks next week which im hoping to get between £100-£200 for.:j
  • davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    Hi Blue_Mango & welcome. sorry thats where your savings go but as you said if it helps its worth it. It has to be health above wealth doesn't it? Well done to you for thinking of your Mum too.
    Hi Broke - good luck with the Phone Book deliveries. I did the Local version a few years back. Hard work. Well done on your total.
    I am just waiting to see what my car repair bill will be! Had a few odds & ends go this year (Battery, brakes locked) now it needs (at least) a new clutch! Though this spare cash is for eventualities such as this I could have done without it. I know its an expense to run a car but my main use now is being able to pop to my Mums if need be (she's across town-20 minutes) if not its at least an hours bus journey. Plus taking her shopping etc. I'm also the only one in our immediate family who drives or has access to a car.
    So this could really eat into that amount. Still at least I have made a good start on Xmas.
    Good luck to everyone else!
    Back on the trains again!

  • Looks like its only gonna be £150 on Thursday now instead taking my total to 971.00.Forgot we needed a good grocery shop which will do us up to the wk before Christmas so not as good as id hoped:mad:.
  • davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    Hi Broke - same here. But rememer how well you have done in that short space of time. Thats what I am telling myself. A year ago I would not have had that back up and it would have been really tight.
    Clutch was just over £400 (part & labour). Still I have already put aside money this month for; petrol, vets (yearly check up), hygeinist for son. Then I know whats left to spend/save.I was already ahead with Xmas so only a few things left to get.
    I dont think I will reach my goal but you never know.
    Back on the trains again!

  • Youre doing really well Davenport at least youre sorted for Christmas,will have 2 get my !!!! in gear and start getting organised for it this wk.Have got the kids presents sorted out just the o/h to get and my mum to sort out.Will still try and get another £100 or so saved before the end of the yr.Got phonebks delivered there so should have a cheque for £136 in 3wks time,not bad for 2days work!
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