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Is anyone starting from scratch???

edited 21 December 2012 at 3:32PM in How much have you saved?
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  • davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    Hows it going everyone?
    Have posted my stats at last. Only trouble is thats £60 down on total as under estimated this months spends (great budgeting). But this was mainly due to buying a new bed for my 13 year old son who really needed a grown up sized one as he's taller than me now!.
    Also car insurance due this month.
    Still i'm hoping to keep the core £500 there. Fingers crossed.
    Back on the trains again!

  • I remember when I started from scratch. I wasn't really easy. You need all the determination that you have and set a goal monthly or yearly. Once you put the money in your savings account, totally forget that you have the money so you won't be tempted to use and spend it. Always put in mind that I have to save and I don't have anything to spend with - this type of strategy helped me out a lot. By the time I earned my salary, I automatically put some money on my savings and just spend the rest of it wisely.

    Good luck!
  • Taking my total up to £407.01.Am well on target for nxt May.Find this challenge is keeping me motivated and helping me not spend money on silly things!icon7.gif
  • davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    Well done Brokeattheminute.
    i survived September and managed to get through with cash left! Must re-post stats.
    Back on the trains again!

  • butterfly2001butterfly2001 Forumite
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    hello!! Well done on all those who are saving no matter how small! A new month to budget for and add to savings!

    Me and partner are doing well, I had a pay increase this month but somehow our savings won't have an increase :( I'm aiming for us to have £10,000 come May to cover wedding costs at present we have £6800. so if we continue with £500 a month we should reach our target :D after that it's house savings lol
    A big thank you to all those who post on the forum and make it a worthwhile place!!!:j

  • Paid my car tax at £93.50 for 6mnths yesterday and have my mortgage payment on 16th Oct so hope to put at least £300 towards my challenge on 18th Oct.Its my Birthday on 9th October so should get some money to help boost my challenge.Was able to get 3days of o/t in late October to help towards my dreaded Car Ins which is due for renewal on 17th November so thats £210 extra towards it as i get about £70 extra for doing a 12hr shift.Trying to keep on top of things that i need to pay and keeping money aside for the challenge i have set myself.Find it hard keeping myself motivated but am determined to get there!:)
  • davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    Hi Brokeattheminute - keep up the good work!
    Happy birthday for Tuesday!
    Thats the thing- looking ahead to where the nesscary spends are.
    I use a notepad doc that I put all the incomings & outgoings on for eack month. Then at the bottom I put anything upcoming eg; Xmas, car tax so I can see whats needed. I also mark those paid when I check my statement on internet banking.
    Extra shifts are always great for money saving. I'm part time but often get to cover for a colleague.
    Back on the trains again!

  • Thanx Davenport for the birthday wishes.Cant believe its tomorrow!Enrolled in 1debtv100days page aiming for an extra £900 towards my savings by 16 Jan 2013 so will help to keep me motivated into the New Year.Ill be keeping everyone up to date on this page as well!
  • loveasaleloveasale Forumite
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    Hi all, I've been reading your thread, I have a small savings pot of £300 put by for a holiday next year,,,
    Sounds good , but, oh there's a big, BUT, my OH is so not a saver,
    He earns a lot more than me and pays all the bills mortgage etc - (direct debits)
    I pay for all the food and as I get paid in cash I also give him £50 ( on a tight week £40) in cash for his 'spends' so he doesn't have to use his bank account and therefore pay off his overdraft, he also pays a car loan out of his own account.
    I can be really tight on myself and go without to save, but OH just doesn't seem to ever get back in the black! He does have a few hobbies that cost and I think he pays more out for them than he lets on! But as he's the main bread winner I sort of agree with that, but I'm starting to feel that I'm saving on my own.
    We now have an awful threat of him being made redundant...:(
    I feel my life is a bit of a mess:(
    :money: I will never be rich but I'm happy :rotfl:
  • davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    Hi & welcome to Lovesale & Dellbell.

    Dellbell - Thats great! I often wished I had smoked so I had something to give up and save from.

    Lovesale - you sound like me. My OH earns more pays most of the main bills but is no saver. He has a DVD addiction problem
    Sorry about the threat of redundancy though. Plan financies now. Great advice on this site.
    Back on the trains again!

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