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Ice Lolly Ideas

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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HOLsaleHOLsale Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
we've decided that we're going to stop eating sweets in our house except on the weekends as my 3 year old dd has become very greedy and sometimes rather agressive about sweets.

we've also decided to stop buying her ice lollies which she loved, i think the colourings are affecting her. so i'm going to buy some ice lolly moulds and i was wondering if any one had any good ideas for making ice lollies?

i know from experience that pineapple juice doesn't freeze so well on its own so i mix it with apple or orange juice but i'm interested in any unusual ideas that work as i think she will get bored with them if they always just frozen juice.

any suggestions much appreciated :D
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  • AllexieAllexie Forumite
    3.5K posts
    Not exactly an ice lolly but....have you ever frozen bananas? Just as they their skins. Eat them frozen (cut into 1" or so lengths and remove the skin) and they taste all creamy and rather like banana ice-cream and best of all.....completely natural.

    hth ;)
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  • You can sometimes buy "smoothy" type drinks in Tesco's etc in the reduced aisle, usually raspberry, banana, that type of thing. You could try mixing the fruit ones (I'm not sure how the milk-based ones would work) with half and half value lemonade and freezing. If you have fresh herbs, some mint is also lovely with lemonade or with chocolate milk frozen. You could also try blending a soft banana with milk and freezing.

    Also, frozen yogurt with some mixed frozen berries is nice, and also healthy! If I were you, I'd keep an eye out for different types of fruit when it's reduced, and either freeze it straight away or make into blends and freeze.

    HTH and good luck with your experiments!
  • kingshirkingshir Forumite
    578 posts
    Frozen bananas are brilliant BUT I take the skins off first as I found it difficult to remove after freezing. You don't need to wrap them up either and they taste gorgeous. My kids loved them (and still do as adults).
  • elonaelona Forumite
    11.8K posts
    You could try the value version of "Angel Delight" made up with milk or low fat yoghourt.
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  • Chris25Chris25 Forumite
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    .............and little fromage frais pots work well. Take the lids off and push in a stick before freezing.
  • HOLsaleHOLsale Forumite
    1.2K posts
    thanks everyone!

    i'll definately do the frozen bananas, she may well like that.

    also the idea of making smoothies and freezing is very good. we do our own juice in our juicer all the time, dd won't drink it but if we mixed in a bit of fromage frais or yogurt and froze it i bet she would ;)

    speaking of juicers, i do not like apple juice from the grocery store but fresh apple juice is the bees knees mmmmmm think i'll start with that as a basis for some fruit lollies
    founder of Frugal Genius UK (Yahoo Groups)
  • Lillibet_2Lillibet_2 Forumite
    3.4K posts
    My dad is allergic to sugar but loves milk ice lollies in the summer, my mum used to make milkshake flavoured ones for me as a child. Be sure to use semi-skimmed milk, the others don't freeze well but semi-skimmed is perfect.
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  • catzninecatznine Forumite
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    We used to do frozen bananas for the kids that we dipped into yogurt and then poured over some chocolate sprinkles. A friend of mine used to make lollies from the juice left over from cooking rhubarb (very pretty pink lollies).
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  • Chris25Chris25 Forumite
    12.9K posts
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    I thought I had a recipe for liqourice lollies but I can;t find it now. I think the principle was to cut up pieces of liquorice and steep them in milk - but I can't remember for how long - then take them out before freezing. Someone else may have heard of it though.
  • SarahsaverSarahsaver Forumite
    8.4K posts
    Just normal squash made up is fine, saves all the fiddling about. You can get sugar free ice poles in poundland or wilkinsons.
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