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    I'm trying to persuade elderly relative to have her tiny bathroom/toilet made into a wet room. Any ideas about costs? We don't like the walk-in bath idea, but a shower in a wet room would be ideal.
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    In all cases I would recommend you have your GP give you a referral to your local Occupational Health department. They are the experts as evidence in post #15 by Tich2. In many cases where you receive DLA or are past retirement age they will supply gadgets or modifications free of charge. That includes removing the bath and installing wet room facilities if they deem it necessary.

    I practice what I preach and OH are installing a wet room for me because I cannot use the bath and our over-the-bath shower is dangerous for me to use.
  • "...when finished you have to wait for all the water to drain out before you can get out."

    I've seen a few tub style walk in baths which have two plugholes so that the water empties faster. I was also told that this style of bath has a greater "head" of water and so empties faster anyway. In terms of the filling, I run the hot tap until the temperature is right before getting in. In case anyone is interested I got my advice from Practical Bathing.
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    Seems a load of fuss and bother. Just have a shower.
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    Seems a load of fuss and bother. Just have a shower.
    My mother really dislikes showers, and I don't suppose she'll ever want anything other than a bath ... even if it's difficult!
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    macaque wrote: »
    Give it a try by all means but be aware of the limitations. Walk in baths are generally only really suitable for people with strong arms and a very fast wrist action.

    Presume you don't just mean weightlifters and members of the EDL respectively?
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