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"EU official says passengers should have a right to compensation if flights are delayed more than three hours ..."


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    Civil procedure rules talk a bit about 'reasonable' behaviour, if this eventually goes against the airlines, will they be deemed to have behaved 'unreasonably'?
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    I booked my normal two week holiday with olympic holidays going to Greece on the 18th June from Birmingham international airport.This was booked at our local travel agents on the 4th of Feb 2012 flight time going out was 9am,return flight time was leaving Corfu at 15.15 on the 2nd July.On the 5th March I was e-mailed by the travel agent to say the flight times had changed to 5pm going out and returning at 2pm.I booked these flights solely because we do not like late flights as we are not spring chicks.We contacted the travel agent and was informed that there was nothing they could do and we would not receive any compensation as it is within the 12hours.We were so dismayed we wanted to cancel but was informed we would lose our deposit we had paid.We also when working it out would lose half a day so instead of fourteen days we now have thirteen and a half.I e-mailed Olympic holidays early April and who have not responded.I have then learnt today that we are delayed another hour to 6.10pm going out and returning at 3pm.I am incensed that these companies are allowed to get away with this as I see this as a major change and if I wanted a late flight we would have choose it I am also aware that these are the cheaper option so why are they not compensating us for our loss.Has anyone else had to put up with this.?:(
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    Has anyone else had to put up with this.?:(

    Its standard practive for package holidays using charter flights, they always have the 12 hour rule within their T&C's.

    Especially with companies like Olympic Holidays who sell their summer holidays based on a flying programme that is only provisional, and not even the airlines are finalised. Olympic used to be very good until they fell out with Monarch, since then their flying programme has been a fiasco.
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    No need to be confused, 2sides, better info available here:

    Ryanair charge a levy with each ticket to cover this compensation so should pay up straight away , would it be ileagal for them to charge the levy which is basically insurance and then refuse to pay when a delay happens regardless of the european court ?
  • I wonder if or when the High Court decide that delays of 3 hours and over qualify for compensation they will allow for all those cases that have registered complaints with respective airlines prior to their decision?

    My daughter and her husband en-route to Cyprus with two small boys, were delayed 7 1/2 hours at Birmingham airport, while a part for their Thomas Cook aircraft was sent from Manchester , in 2010. Basic food and just one telephone call in all that time.

    My complaints on their behalf met with an officious response pointing out that a judgement had been made that any compensation was not applicable, pointing out a court decision made in Hull.

    They failed to mention that the judgement did not cover certain elements that did allow individuals to challenge the decision. however the possible costs of any proceedings against TC would be a prohibitive consideration.

    really would be pleasant if we as individuals where able to challenge the might of these tyrannical travel organisations on their own terms. A case of the sheep(Passenger) biting the tormenting shepherd.
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    I write this as I currently sitting in Trieste airport having just been informed that my Ryanair flight back to Stansted is delayed by at least 4 hours for technical reasons.

    The technical reasons are this.. An earlier full flight to Barcelona has been delayed by a technical fault. In order to avoid paying maximum compensation, Ryanair has commandeered the inward (and supposedly return) equipment from Stansted to get the Barcelona bound passengers away just 5 minutes short of the two hour delay that would warrant compensation.

    The Stansted passengers (of which there are far fewer) are left to wait not knowing whether they will get home this evening - and allowing Ryanair to limit its compensation bill by scandalously switching planes, not to take of passengers, but just to avoid paying compensation. NEVER AGAIN.
  • Hi I have just received my get stuffed letter from T C and was wondering in anyone else off theis flight has had any luck with a clame yet
    Just a thought
    Is it worth trying a joint clame with other passengers
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    Perhaps add the flight number details to your post.
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  • We had a massive delay (19 hrs)in August 2008 with a Monarch Luton to Tenerife flight. It was a package holiday with Thomas Cook who said they did not have to give compensation. So we contacted 'EUClaim' who took up a claim for us, although now they are saying ''In the UK all Courts have decided to call a 'stay' and do not accept cases until the European Court of Justice comes forward with a ruling. We have received this ruling on 23 October 2012. In the UK we now have to wait until the High Court will accept and follow the ECJ ruling. How long that will take only the High Court knows. In the past they have not been so expedient.
    s case for us". Could I contact Monarch and try and get the compensation myself, rather than wait for these people? Thankyou for your help.
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    richardw wrote: »
    Civil procedure rules talk a bit about 'reasonable' behaviour, if this eventually goes against the airlines, will they be deemed to have behaved 'unreasonably'?

    Bumping this quote by Richard.
    I thought I read somewhere that the airlines 'could' be fined £5000 per passenger if they don't pay up the rightful compensation?

    Where did I see that?
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