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Avon, Virgin Vie, Ann Summers, Body shop, which is best?!

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Avon, Virgin Vie, Ann Summers, Body shop, which is best?!

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lizzie2579_2lizzie2579_2 Forumite
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This might seem like a vague questions but basically I just want some advice from anyone who is a consultant for any company really. I am currently working part time and really need some extra cash, I have read about being reps for these companies but I've seen such mixed views, some say they do really well and love it, others say it's not worth the effort.

Any personal experience or advice would be greatly appreciated. I will say, I am more interested in the money rather than any free or discounted products!!



  • Hello Lizzie :)

    I started Avon afew months ago, because like you - I wanted/needed more money.
    In my opinion, and from my personal experience - its not worth it.

    With avon, you need to make £80+ worth of orders before you make any profit yourself. This is easy to do, but sometimes its hard to make that. For example, this time I have only got £60 of orders, which means I will make no money... and I need to buy my own brochures, so this month I am actually out of pocket.

    As other reps say - it DOES take awhile to 'make money' and build a customer base with avon.
    This is my personal experience, it might be totally different for you.

    Hope it helps xx
  • I have been toying with the idea of going back to partylite. The reasons for choosing them are
    1. I love the product
    2. The kit is free
    3. If I don't do a certain amount in a certain time all I loose really is some time and the kit that was free anyway?

    Reasons I am not jumping right in

    1. It is hard to get parties
    2. I have little will power when it comes to keeping my wages and not treating myself to the product I love so much :-(

    I have looked into Jamie Oliver at home my reasoning behind this is its a new thing so parties may be easier to get booked in as everyone likes to be the first don't they!

    Hope this helps
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  • JennyJewellJennyJewell Forumite
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    Hi ladies :)
    I have tried all above plus some lol! I am currently a Kleeneze rep but have been missing the girlie side of things so I'm joining back with Body Shop next week and I can't wait! The products are easy to sell, the company has great ethics and I REALLY enjoy all the fab free gifts we can achieve along the way every month, whoo-hoo!!
    Good luck in whatever you choose :)
    Jenny xx
    Everything happens for a reason :)
  • Thanks everyone! Any advice and info helps! The feedback I keep getting is that Avon isn't really worth it unless you want to be constantly pushing products onto people which I dont!
    Very interesting about jamie at home though, I didnt even realise you could be a rep for those products and I love them too! I will look into that.
    I do keep hearing good things about body shop though, especially as they have such good ethics, it seems easier to get the parties.
    I will keep researching and will let you know if and when i come to a decision! Thanks a lot!
  • Just read a little about becoming a Jamie at home consultant and I have to admit it looks good! I think people would really like the products, possibly a lot more than make-up and jewellery that they are bored of! I have filled out the enquiry form so will have a think about it but if anyone does it, I would love to hear from them with either positive or negative experiences!
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  • Dick_hereDick_here Forumite
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    Avon is the only one with no initial fee (you only pay if you actually place an order).
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  • I have been both a Avon rep & a ann summers rep....Avon i loved it free to start and i got a good few customers....Ann Summer as also free got a huge kt delivered by the manager of my area within a week of my first meeting, only downside is, trying to get parties with 1 million other reps around, and i had to travel 50ins too a rep meeting on a sunday once a month, cost me more than i was earning so had to give it up
  • LizD_2LizD_2 Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Hi lizzie

    There are several specific threads for the various companies, just have a look on this board.

    First rule of this kind of thing is find a product you like as it'll be easier to sell, rather than going purely on set-up costs etc.

    In my own experience it's hard to make much money unless you have lots of friends/family who'll have parties for you (willingly or because they feel obliged to) and/or can recruit other people to do the same.
  • cybermumcybermum Forumite
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    Hi Lizzie,
    Have you heard of Scentsy wickless?
    Great advantage is that they are under a year old,no set areas,no targets,flexible in how you work it which works for me.
    I joined launch day and have team of fifty now and a big plus is down to the fact there is no comparable product on the high street.

    No need to book x amount of parties etc and you can sell where you want in UK,Ireland and Germany with more EU countries to open this year.

    In relation to above post I can say I didn't sell much to friends at all and no parties...cold market and one on one sales,salon displays etc and its got me to leadership level in under a year :)
  • There IS a start up cost with avon - £15, which is spread across your first 2 orders... £7.50 each time.
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