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Thai food!!



  • liz545
    liz545 Posts: 1,726 Forumite
    I use reduced-fat coconut milk when I'm making thai curries, to keep the fat content down; also, with red curry I often use some pureed squash/pumpkin/sweet potato to get that lovely rich, thick texture. HTH!
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  • vixtress
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    Have you tried Miso soup cos thats my latest thing and its lovely, you can make it into a ramen soup by adding noodles and chicken/fish/prawns and lots of veg, I bought some on Japanese Kitchen online shop its a sort of margarine tub full of paste which you mix with boiling water to make the soup I love Japanese food and you can get all sorts of fab ingredients on there.
    what does miso taste like? i have heard of it but never tried it, also, have you tried making sushi, i love it but it looks like it would be fiddly.
    thanks for that, i will google the site
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  • JennyW_2
    JennyW_2 Posts: 1,888 Forumite
    I had this in a restaurant last week and it was really yummy. I have done a search but cant find anything on making one :confused:

    Can anyone help me? I have the butternut but unsure of what other ingredients I would need to make it a thai curry?
  • I know it's probably against MSE principles, but you'll probably find a Thai red curry sauce in a jar at your supermarket, I know there's a green Thai curry available.
  • Flimber
    Flimber Posts: 736 Forumite
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  • TKP_3
    TKP_3 Posts: 522 Forumite
    Here is a recipe for (Thai) Red Chicken curry - just substitute butternut for chicken (I have put it in the recipe). The recipe is from the Australian Woman's Weekly Easy Thai-style cookery book.

    Thai Red Chicken Curry

    2 tbsp oil
    4 shallots, chopped
    750 chicken OR butternut, chopped
    2 tbsp fish sauce
    1 cup coconut milk

    Red Thai Curry Paste

    1 small red onion, chopped
    3 garlic cloves, chopped
    2 tbsp chopped fresh lemongrass
    3 tbsp chopped coriander root
    2 tsp dried chilli flakes
    1 tsp galangal powder
    1 tsp grated rind of lime
    1/2 tsp shrimp paste
    1 dried kaffir lime leaf
    3 tsp paprika
    1/2 tsp tumeric
    1/2 tsp cumin seeds
    3 tsp oil

    Blend the curry paste ingredients until smooth
    Heat oil in a wok, add the curry paste and shallots, cook, stirring, for about 2 minutes or until fragrant.
    Add chicken OR butternut and stir-fry until tender
    Stir in fish sauce and coconut milk, bring to boil , simmer, uncovered, until mixture is heated through.

    If the paste is too much hassel, just buy some Thai red curry paste from a supermarket (most should do it), and put a couple of tsp in (to taste)

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  • I once bought a Thai curry sauce from a supermarket, it was so salty we had to throw the meal away. I now make everything from scratch for Thai curry sauces, it really is so much better.

    My favourite is my own Thai green curry sauce....

    Loads of fresh corriander
    Kaffir lime leaves (frozen - or you can use zest from a lime, but not really the same thing)
    Lemon grass
    galangal (or ginger as an alternative)
    lots of birdseye chillies (or scotch bonnets if I want some real fire)
    Thai fish sauce (okay I don't make this myself)
    bit of chicken stock if sauce is very thick

    Blend up together.

    Stir fry the chicken, when cooked set aside, then cook the sauce for a few minutes then add the chicken back to it. Add some more water if required and simmer for a while. Perhaps add a bit of creamed coconut at the end before serving for a richer sauce.

    Serve with coconut rice (normal long grain rice cooked with some creamed cocounut thrown in, plus maybe a stick of lemon grass).
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  • If you are finding it hard to get ingredients for Thai recipes (or other cusines), these online shops are all good sources:
    Stocks: Fresh Galangal; Kaffir Lime Leaves and Thai Basil + lots more....
    (Also has recipes)
    (Also has recipes)
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  • vixtress
    vixtress Posts: 1,153 Forumite
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    thanks for that, i have used thai4uk but i will have a look at the others for some japanese inspiration!!:D
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  • Gilla_2
    Gilla_2 Posts: 13,228 Forumite
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    What a marvellous thread. I shall try lots of the recipes and save lots of money. Thanks to you all.
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