Free Unlock codes for Nokia Phones 6 (U.K. Networks Only)

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We are starting a new thread as the old one was getting a bit long to read.

There are sites where you can do this for free online if you are happy to do it that way, please not that both these sites do not currently produce correct codes for the 1100, 1110,1600 + some other models on the Virgin, Tesco , Easymobile and T-mobile Networks ( just click on the English flag
to get the site in english )

download a free standalone software version, you pick the model of phone and it sets it up for you .( beware though, there are some models with multiple settings now that this calc cannot cope with)

there is a newer version just released (28/12/05) which is available here

if you have problems downloading that then try this new one

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NOW A SOFTWARE WAY TO UNLOCK THE NOKIA but still no free codes !! (see software solution below ) Nokia 3250,Nokia 6125,Nokia 6131,Nokia 6270, Nokia 6280,Nokia 6630,Nokia 6680,Nokia 6681,Nokia 6682,Nokia 7370, Nokia E60,Nokia N70,Nokia N71,Nokia N80,Nokia N90,Nokia N91, Nokia 3250,Nokia 6125,Nokia 6131,Nokia 6270,Nokia E50,Nokia E61,Nokia E62 ,Nokia N72,Nokia N73,Nokia N92,Nokia N93,Nokia 6126,Nokia 6136, Nokia 6233,Nokia 6234,Nokia 5500 ,the only way to get it unlocked is to pay the Network ! . Any site that claims to unlock these is lying !! . The only equipment available at this time repairs the software on the phone, it cannot unlock it ( info still correct 13th May 2007 ). 3 will now unlock your phone for £15 if you are in the LAST month of your contract with them.Other Networks will now unlock the above on their Network for about £20-30.

thanks to Dejan (THE original Nokia code man !!) for the following software unlock solution for the BB5 type phones listed here

This unlocker only works on the handsets listed below.


Nokia BB5 Loger & Calculator (11.391 bytes)

Nokia BB5 loger & calculator can SP unlock 6630,6680,6681,n70,n90,...

there is a thread here with proof it works with a DKU5 type cable

the instructions for the software in English are on this page

and also in this thread

this is a DKU5 cable (you may already have one with the phone, it's the USB cable)


There are also now a new batch of unlockable phones coming out , the Nokia 2310, 2610, 1112 and some of the later 1600's all use a method of lock that we cannot do for free at this time. These are now unlockable by using service equipment at a market stall etc

user akabee has sent me the following but i have not tried this:-

Just a quick message to say the Orange unlock method does work ok.I have done it with 2 phones from ebay(N70 & N73).I had to wait 3 days for code to arrive through the post.Orange asked where I had purchased the phone from and the name of the seller but other than that no problems.

1.) buy phone
2.) buy Orange sim (£1 online)
3.) register imei with sim by calling 08000790006
4.) wait for phone to activate
5.) call orange on 450
6.) Request unlock code
7.) upload £20 to prepaid balance
8.) Wait few days for code

Your IMEI number is obtained by entering *#06# into the phone

You need to enter the Network that the phone is locked to not the one you wish to use.

As a rule the code ending in +7# is the one to use in the U.K. if that one does not work then try the one ending +1#

You only get 5 attempts to unlock by code so if you get stuck please ask for help !! (it's not the end of the world if you use up your 5 tries, the phone will still work and can be unlocked by a shop/market or boot stallholder with the correct equipment for about £10)

if you feel unsure about getting the correct code then please feel free to send a private message to either myself or user Drahcir (just click on our names on the left of our posts to get the drop down menu with that option.

Unlock Instructions:

1. Only try the supplied code once

2. Take out the SIM card from the phone.(unless it is a Nokia 6230i, you need to put a sim card from another Network in that one before you enter the code...Drahcir reminds me !!)

3.Type in the generated code in the phone

(E.g) #pw+123456789101112+1#

the phone will then normally reboot itself and come back on at which point it is unlocked. Try with a simcard from another network and it should accept it.

You may be asked for the security code which is 12345 (or sometimes 00000) uless you changed it or "PIN code" if the sim card itself has a security code(normally a 4 digit code supplied with the sim card) .If you enter the wrong Sim PIN 10 times you will be asked for a PUK code which you need to get from the Network.

IF you cannot remember your security code this can be reset by a shop/market or boot stallholder with the correct equipment for about £5 to £10

Further Informational Instruction:

1. To show p in the phones display - just press * three times within two seconds.

2. To show w in the phones display - just press * four times within two seconds.

3. To show + in the phones display - just press * twice within two seconds.

For articles on unlocking and links to various bits of free software then go

if you need to reset/unlock your security code then go to

***Edit by Board Guide, there is a closed thread here regarding the unlocking of other manufacturers' phones***

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