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Turf or Gravel?

gatita Posts: 1,283 Forumite
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We have a 'lawn'!!! more like a moss carpet! and we are debating whether to cover it in gravel, or have it all completely re-turfed. The lawn is approx 40 square meters. I would appreciate opinions, also very important, any idea as to cost? I know it rather like asking how long is a piece of string...but just a VERY rough idea would be great. We are in the S. West, we also go away for extended periods.
Thank you in advance
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  • bluebird
    bluebird Posts: 378 Forumite
    Gravel needs attention just like a lawn does, if you want workless ideas pave over it and enjoy the patio,we had that done due to my disability wish we done it years ago now, its so good to sit outside and listen to the neighbours mowers churning over on a hot summers day.we also had raised flower beds put in much more useful for easy gardening.
  • tim_n
    tim_n Posts: 1,607 Forumite
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    You need to provide a little more information because just blindly throwing money at it won't really help.

    Is the area affected in shade? If so, by removing the shade you'll allow the ground around to dry out. Moss prefers nice moist soil (especially waterlogged)

    Is your soil waterlogged (does it squish when you stand on it?) as it may need better drainage and/or digging up and improving the soil by adding some organic material.

    i.e. there's moss there for a reason. Gravel will go slimey and sink in if it's waterlogged and pavers will go green and slippery. fix the problem first, it's easier in the long run!

    I have a section of moss that has populated where we used to have trees shading the area. Now I've removed the trees which I didn't want the grass recovered on its own.
  • zzzLazyDaisy
    zzzLazyDaisy Posts: 12,497 Forumite
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    I had lawns at the front of my house which were always overgrown as I couldn't mow them and help was haphazard.

    I eventually had them dug up and a gravelled hardstanding put down. It makes it easier to turn my car in the drive and the maintenance is MUCH less. I should have done it years ago.
    I'm a retired employment solicitor. Hopefully some of my comments might be useful, but they are only my opinion and not intended as legal advice.
  • gatita
    gatita Posts: 1,283 Forumite
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    Thank you all for your suggestions, whatever the decision it looks as though its going to cost a lot!
    Tim, I don't think the ground is waterlogged, its just in an awful state, and has been since I moved here 9 years ago! nothing but weeds and moss.
    I have tried to treat it with the usual products, but it doesn't seem to make any real difference.
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  • TallGirl
    TallGirl Posts: 5,592 Forumite
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    My lawn was put down by the builders on top of ruble and rubbish so looked awful for many years. Then we went with GreenThumb and I must say it looks so much better now, no weeds hardly any moss (we did have a big tree taken down so that helped). We pay £16 4 times a year and I think its worth it as I am not mad keen to remember to do it. What I am saying it you might be able to rescue what you have or if you get new it might help. Mine does die out in the Summer but recovers again.

    I find cutting the edges straight also makes it look a whole lot better.

    As for gravel my cats and the neighbours cat would use it as a litter tray thats what they do with the small patch we have out the front. Also remember you would still get weeds etc in the gravel.
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  • poppysarah
    poppysarah Posts: 11,522 Forumite
    Identify what makes it a bad lawn now and sort that out first.

    North facing water logged soil won't suit anything much. Sort out drainage and you might get a decent patch.
  • budgetdiyer
    budgetdiyer Posts: 263 Forumite
    I'm not a fan of fully paved or gravelled rear gardens, it will effect your properties appeal (if you own your own house) when you come to sell.
  • wallbash
    wallbash Posts: 17,775 Forumite
    Same size lawn , paying £600 for a new lawn .
  • Kyrae
    Kyrae Posts: 541 Forumite
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    If you do decide to gravel the garden, make sure you put down lots of layers of weed suppressing membrane, as weeds have a nasty habit of growing up through the gravel and needing lots of maintainence! Though even with membrane some tough weeds grow through it, and others settle in the gravel and grow. I'm not a huge fan of gravel, it's just too wildlife unfriendly for me. I got fed up of weeding and took up the gravel in the last garden and replaced it with grass, looked a lot better I thought!! :) Could you possibly take up the grass and reseed it? Might be cheaper than turf.
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