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PPI Reclaiming Discussion Part 5

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  • nee666nee666 Forumite
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    Had an offer of Just under £5k from HSBC my question is there's a chain of loans, I have no details of the 2 in the middle apart from the account numbers, I did point out that the loans were in a chain & that they should all be treated as a chain, but they've ignored the 2 in the middle, what can I do?
  • Tired07 wrote: »

    My problem is that I remember very little about the loans and certainly don't recall how the insurance was sold to me. I was in my early 20s at the time and not quite as tuned into financial common sense. With that in mind I can't really articulate why I feel the insurance was missold.

    I was thinking that I should approach it from the point of view that I was in a steady job (civil servant), steady relationship, with a decent joint income (certainly enough to continue to make the payments in the event of being made unemployed). So, with that in mind the seller of the insurance should have realised that this insurance wasn't really necessary for me. I was banking with HSBC at the time I took these loans, so they at least would have been aware of my financial circumstances.

    I've had a look at the paperwork. I have signed agreements for both insurance policies as part of the loan paperwork.

    So, I'd be really grateful for some advice. Firstly as to whether it's worth making claims and secondly how I go about phrasing the questionairres in view of my memory blanks surrounding how the policies were sold.


    I am in the same boat as Tired07. I have discovered I have 5 PPI policies that I didn't need but signed up for. I don't remember what was said but my sense was that if I didn't sign up I would not get the loans.

    Any advice on how to complain without sounding totally moronic??
  • -taff-taff Forumite
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    The most usual reason is Single Premium, followed by it wouldn't have covered you for the length of the loan, you were self-employed etc.
    Everyones circumstances are different, so you should complain according to your circumstance :)
  • markdaveymarkdavey Forumite
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    eljapo4 wrote: »
    Hi all, I've sent off 2 PPI Forms and had a reply from 1 lender saying they'll be investigating my complaint further. But the other lender (Santander) has said they have no record of my loan account and they need me to pass on some extra info. The thing is this loan was taken out in 2006 with Alliance and Leicester and I don't have any of the paperwork from the loan agreement. What steps (if any) can I do to try and find out any details about the A&L loan? If I can't find out any more info on this A&L loan what can I do to get Santander to investigate my complaint? Do I go to the ombudsman?

    Send A&L a SAR to the address in the sticky section. I had a loan from 2003 and got the agreement back etc. as part of the SAR request.
  • A_ratA_rat Forumite
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    Hi all

    Does any one know if being employees but on temporary contracts would effect wether I am eligible for possible PPI claim? I know I have PPI on a loan I have had for a long time but when they asked about employment I said yes but temporary contract and they said this made no difference. However some one recently told me most insurance will not pay out when you are on a temporary contract (re-newer every year). If this is the case I have been paying unemployment cover on my mortgage and also critical illness cover as well - would this be affected?

    Any advise would be really helpful as unsure wether I have a claim as I knew about these PPI's but was told they would cover me for unemployment or illness and subsequent time of work.

  • I am hope I am posting in the correct place....I took out a credit card with Tesco back in about 1999. We have used it now for 13 years. We were always aware that we were paying cardholder protection policy as it sits hidden on a separate page next to the interest we pay and I have only this year twigged onto the whole ppi thing. I quickly contacted Tesco to see what cardholder protection is and did I really need it. They confirmed it is ppi. I asked to stop the payments straight away and sent my letter using Martin's template. The response is that we apparently ticked a box on a postal application (although no evidence of this has been provided). I complained that we did not need it as we had more than enough sick pay and life and mortgage insurance, but the reply was that they did not have to provide advice back in 1999. However over 13years our requirement has never been checked, even though we have had a few new account numbers and new cards and the addtional cardholder became self employed. I wish it had been more obvious what we were paying for and that we didn't have to have it, but in 13 years we do not seem to have received any literature for this policy at all. We do have evidence that we turned down ppi at a similar time with other lenders. Any advice on how to proceed??? Many thanks..
  • Firstly, can I apologise in advance if my post is covering ground which has been covered before (I did search the forum, but thought it best to write a new post).
    I recently got in touch with M&S to ask them to send a copy of my Chargecard agreement and T's&C's which they duly did. The account has been closed for sometime.
    I signed the agreement on 3/10/1987, and was in full-time employment. It appears that I left the box blank to opt out of Chargecard Protection and I'm fairly sure this wasn't pointed out to me at the time.
    Is this worth making a claim for? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  • Loan arranged by dial4aloan c/o welcome finance in April 2004. WF say over 6 years and not FSA regulated so cannot refer to FOS.

    Is it true that WF were members of GISC and therefore FOS still could potentially take a look at it?

  • eljapo4eljapo4 Forumite
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    markdavey wrote: »
    Send A&L a SAR to the address in the sticky section. I had a loan from 2003 and got the agreement back etc. as part of the SAR request.

    Sorry if this sounds silly but what is a SAR? Are there any templates on this site for it? Thanks
  • jay-1jay-1 Forumite
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    eljapo4 wrote: »
    Sorry if this sounds silly but what is a SAR? Are there any templates on this site for it? Thanks

    SAR - subject access request.

    See the "sticky" near the top of the page for the template letter - you will need to enclose a £10 fee.
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