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Grocery Challenge - February 2012

edited 30 January 2012 at 8:27AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • jedi82jedi82 Forumite
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    oh, and meant to mention that MrM has their own frubes on offer of BOGOF for £1 so effectively 50p a pack (I got 6 and bunged them in the freezer!)
    Finally getting my life on track. Onwards and upwards.
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  • sistercassistercas Forumite
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    raphanius wrote: »
    just a dusting of snow here in chesterfield and a £1 spend to declare for milk :)

    no snow here thank goodness , i am surprised though i think they had forecast a fair amount

    NSD today , although been to meadowhell and had a drink and DD1 and DH had a kr1spy kreme doughnut too but that came out of a different budget ( those doughnuts are amazing - brought one home for DD2 and i could snaffle it right here and now) but im trying to be good :A
  • FrugalLinaFrugalLina Forumite
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    Hello everyone, I was totally unable to come online last night and missed my GC news :(

    I had an appointment to attend today near a big [email protected] SM so decided to shop for some of the ingredients that are expensive or impossible to find locally, just basics like cheap pasta, milk powder and a restock of my vegetables until next week's market. My total now looks scarily close to my target and it is only the 10th! Although, I have several HM soups and pasta dishes in the freezer, many of today's ingredients are going to make a HUGE pot of lentil curry that will sustain me over several days and also add to the stock in the freezer. My shopping total also includes some screw-in eco lightbulbs that I can't get locally, but I am including that £4 also as it is out of the same (limited) budget.

    No snow here in Fife, in fact temperatures have lifted considerably. How strange to see England so much colder than Scotland!
  • More snow for us last night about 3 inches (sorry never got to grips with metric) That on top of what we already had, makes quite a nice snowy scene. The sun is shining now.

    Althought the roads are pretty good I shouldn't need to shop today so it will be another NSD for me today, 2 in a row -there must be something wrong with me.

    Quiche and HM chippies for tea tonight. Have great day everyone!
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  • Heating broke down wed eve, but bgas came out yesterday to fix - so glad as we had another couple of inches of snow last nigh although sun out now.
    Have had cough/cold/aches for nearly a week now and caught up with me so we had fish n chips last night and then I was in bed by 8.30. Went to work this morning (don't work fri afternoons) and am now just about to type up shopping list). Need someone to push me out the door now though I just feel really tired with no energy. Still at least its half term n I can lie in a little in the mornings.
    Think I have a couple more shops to come out of Feb budget - freezer is getting quite low now so I will have to stock up next month.
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    elsiepacelsiepac Forumite, Board Guide
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    edited 10 February 2012 at 3:52PM
    CompBunny wrote: »
    Oooh PennyGrabber whats your new toy?

    Ditto!!! You were very mysterious PennyGrabber...! ;)

    that's vile about the blood test...have you bruised after all that trauma? :eek: How hideous, you poor thing. I had snow last night, not loads but enough to cover everything in a blanket of white. Mostly melted now though :( Although we keep having little flurries...

    Haha, the fruity pancakes are taking over the world! I will say CompBunny, that if I'm having normal pancakes then I like lemon and sugar, but because these are "American style" little thick ones, I see them as a different thing :p Beginning to think they need a sauce though...

    Interesting stuff about the cafes etc guys! :eek: I'll keep on using it then - as I said, I haven't noticed anything wrong with it, or any difference to other flours so must be okay! Thanks for all the responses! :D

    Crowdpleaser I would agree with the others about the sauce and the oven being too hot. However, you could try fresh lasagne sheets and see if it made a difference? I know they are slightly more expensive but not hideously so and they do go lovely :D

    Also, I found a recipe for lasagne the other day which I haven't tried yet, maybe you'll be interested? ( really sorry but I don't seem to have the site saved where I got it from, so apologies to the owner of said recipe! :o )

    Tuna and Sweetcorn Lasagne

    2 tins tuna, mashed
    3-4 spring onions, chopped
    200g sweetcorn
    Seasoning to taste
    Lasgane sheets
    500ml passata
    Grated parmesan to top


    - Preheat oven to 200.
    - Mix tuna, spring onions and sweetcorn in a bowl, and season to taste.
    - Add a layer of half the tuna mash to bottom of lasagne dish.
    - Cover with lasagne sheets and top with a layer of half the passata.
    - Continue this process once more, ending with the other half of passata.
    - Top with the cheese.
    - Bake for 40 minutes.

    As I said, I've not tried this yet, but looks like a brill mostly store cupboard recipe, so it's definitely going on my list to do soon!

    Had more honeyed carrot soup for lunch today, with the last of my brill whoopsied bread rolls from the other day (and butter, naughty!). Tea is going to be falafel burgers ... will post recipe later if it's any good, it's another new one.

    Oh, and after my comments the other day, I am now focussing on using up stores, it just makes sense! So new rule is that every recipe must use at least one thing from the cupboard! :A

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  • Hi, Everyone,

    Hope you are all well. No chance of keeping up with the posts, but have read the last half a dozen. Thank you for the tips on not burning lasagne sheets - I'm making lasagne for the parents on Sunday, so very timely advice, thank you! Lots of sauce will be used here on Sunday :T

    Confession time - I've been poorly all week, and today is the first day out. Went to replenish supplies, but was too tired to do my usual of going round L1dl first and then Mr M's...also I felt I deserved a wee treat...I'm sure I'll enjoy my whisky & coke later....:rotfl:Anyway, despite using as many of the savers range as possible (it'll be interesting to see what they taste like), I've still £41.63 (unfortunately no £5 off voucher here :() , which means I now have less than £3 :eek:to last the next couple of I'll need veges, eggs and Tbags (not to mention cat litter), I know I'm going to be bust. BUT, the challenge is still definitely focusing my mind, and I'll see how close I can get. :p

    I'm just wubbish, I am :o

    Hope you all are managing to stay warm and safe. Take care this weekend.

  • took my £30 cash out for the week and have only spent £10 so have £20 left for the week, Usually i spend £20 on the first Friday on nothing. but i spent it on shampoo ( herbal essences are half price in superdrug) and postage. and only £1 on "luxuries" (am a coca cola addict!!). AND we've lasted the week with no takeaways. crumbs :T
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    march budget £450/
  • Afternoon all - we had around 4 inches of snow here last night - to cover the embedded ice rink that the last fall left us. The sun has shifted most of it today so we are back to the ice rink!

    A NSD for me today but must admit to a £4.29 spend yesterday on carp! That officially takes me over budget for the month with 13 days left - 9 of which is half term - and I need veg tomorrow. I am consoling myself with the thought that my budget for this month was a weekly shopping bill before christmas and on a regular basis so there has been improvement.

    Thanks for all your posts - they are keeping me sane.
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  • mi_jardinmi_jardin Forumite
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    I spent a bit more today, what a shocker. I bought cheapo bleach (MrS is now 50p a bottle!!! It was 28p last time! GRRR!), mushrooms and whoopsied bacon for tomorrows breakfast, whoopsied chicken breasts for the freezer, YS smoked mackerel for tea tomorrow night and two packs of Hot Cross buns on offer. Oh, and a sandwich as I had to take the car to the garage and didn't get home for "lunch" until gone three.

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