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Grocery Challenge - February 2012

edited 30 January 2012 at 8:27AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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    Welcome Bupster. Although I joined in 2008 I didn't really do anything with the site till overspending in 2011 made us reassess. From Jan 1st I have noted down everything we spend. You'll note in Jan I spent much more than £120 a week (probs more than everyone else on this forum put together lol) but like you it contained much more than just food. I think you're very sensible in setting a target a little lower than your current spend. I'd recommend adding one challenge per month so this month really get to grips with the grocery challenge and writing everything down (don't trust to memory, believe me it lies). I relied far too much to memory in Jan so have a note of bank withdrawals but not much idea what the £20 or whatever actually went on :-( so Feb started with purchase of very cheap diary, and also addition of NSD (no spend days). There's so much advice on the OS boards. Remember, we're all different, our life styles (and income) are all different. Enjoy, and post your 5 victories each day on the OS 5 board :D See ya online
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  • reporting recent spend at Tesco for £9.10 mostly on fruit and veg.

    just to comment on a few earlier posts. Housing benefit and council tax benefit are both means tested benefits and in certain circumstances a couple may qualify for help if their combined income is low. If you have checked online already that you will qualify then i would certainly submit an application.

    from April this year Council Tax Benefit will be administered locally with reduced funding from central government. How this will be implemented (certainly where i work) is not yet decided but could mean less help for working families :(

    Looks like things are going to get tougher for a lot of us!
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  • Hi Everyone!

    Well I had a NSD yesterday and was all ready for another today, that was until we drove passed Mr*S and then decided to pop in to see if there were any bargains. Whhhhhhhoooooooooooppppppps:eek: £53.49 later! and I had managed to bag a few bargains but wish I had, so not popped in:o

    Oh well, stocked up a bit for another few days and siggy updated. I am nt shopping tomorrow!

    Had some whoopsied Smoked Haddock for dinner (half price from Mr*S) and some lime & Coconut Rice, sounds funny but rather yummy. Also had an extremely naughty whoopsied fresh cream cake for pud:D

    Take care challengers!icon7.gif
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  • Evening all. Need to add £4.50 for Persil, comfort, milk and whoopsied cakes from coop. Purchased with MOCS, and will get a free pamper day also, so good value.
    Also £3.30 on two pizzas and value butter from asda. Gonna try keeping butter in a butter dish, rather that buying the spreadable sort. It is getting so expensive.
    I also need to add £20 on two tesco meal deals. Hoping to get a jtd voucher back, and I will use that with MOCS to buy bread, yogurts, coke etc.
    No big shop this week, so may still come in on budget, or somewhere near! Freezer dinner of hm spaghetti carbonara, with the meal deal garlic bread. Very nice.
  • Thanks for the advice think i'm going to try weekly shops next month and see if i fair better...I currently do include cleaning products and toiletries in my budget of £120, but i may up this slightly or have a seperate amount......I've looked a few times how to do the 2nd purse not sure i get it or i just need to increase my budget to include these items! At least being back on here i'm aware of my spending again which is always a good thing and will ensure that i get out of debt sooner rather than later!! To all the newbies, stick with it, it takes at least 2 or 3 months to get the hang of the budgeting and lowering how much you spend per month. Doing some research before you shop will always give you the heads up on the offers and which ones suit you and your family!! Doing a course at work at the moment and its about confidence and self esteem, being in control of your money and your spending, definatley makes me feel loads better about myself!! Keep going everyone!! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, taken 3 years ...20 months to go! xx
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  • Evening all

    Just a quick one for me as i really need to get to bed.

    Did a small shop at the weekend, about £8, bits and bobs for my little bunny. Doing a smallish shop tomorrow. Fruit and snacks mainly. I have decided that i will do small shops each week and maybe one biggish shop when required. Small shops on a thurs as hubby comes home on a fri so it means the bread, milk and fruit is still fresh.

    Haven't needed a big shop this month yet due to eating out of the freezer. However i made a rookie mistake today, took a meal out of the freezer this morning. Plan was chicken hotpot with sweet potato topping, and vegetable rostis. However due to not labelling my containers i ended up with veg rostis and leftover fajita filling - interesting. I didnt really care just glad i wasnt dishing it up for someone else. :rotfl:

    Will report tomorrow with my spends from small shop.
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  • NSD today:j

    Will have to go to town tomorrow as DS2 has come home from school with his shoes hanging off his feet...I could get my whole hand through the he cant go to school and I will need to go get him new shoes whilst I am in town may as well pick up a few bits we need.

    Will update again when I get back x
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    Hi all, just want to add £30.86 to my total. £14 was for a piece of beef DD got me from a friend at her work. The rest was from Mr M and Ald! today. Not going into detail now as it's bedtime and I'm shattered.
    Hugs to all who need one, there seems to be a lot of sad and poorly people on here.
    Goodnight and be well.
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    Thanks everyone for the advice, yes according to to turn2org site we are entitled to HB/CTB of £30pw together but the woman in council benefits I spoke would not even send me a form as she said waste of my time as they would not give us any benefit while hubby works no matter how little income we have as we have no children under 18. Its not a vast amount but would mean instead of £35 for a months groceries we could have £100 plus some money to save or for emergencies. I am going to contact my MP tomorrow. Our council does tend to take the rules it likes and ignore rules it doesn't.

    Dinner was so filling and tasty - never done dumplings with pasta before, went well together.

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    One good thing about having snow since Saturday night, is that I've not even been tempted to go shopping, as I daren't drive in the snow and it would take forever to walk to the shops and back, not to mention carrying heavy shopping back. Usually OH would take me, but he is reluctant to drive his new (to him) car in the snow, as he doesn't want to risk it getting damaged when he's only had it for a few weeks. So this week I have been using what we have in, finally used a beef joint (which I've had in the freezer for a while), on Monday for a roast dinner, and used the leftovers in a casserole yesterday. The soup and bread rolls, which I made on Saturday, have done me for lunch every day this week so far, and I will have the last portion of it tomorrow.

    Today I went to Mr T's just for a few bits (and only got what was on my list!) and spent £3.05, then went to c0op and spent £1.25.

    Despite the pavements being mostly clear of snow and ice, this still involved about 2 hours of walking, as I went to see my dad to make sure he was ok. He needed some shopping, but at almost 87 he is not too steady on his feet, and I thought it would be dangerous for him to go out as I didn't know how bad the pavements were in town (as it turned out they were pretty clear), so I offered to do his shopping for him, therefore I had to walk into town, then back to his flat and then walk back home. He did offer to pay for a cab for me, but I insisted on walking and was blooming knackered by the time I got home, lol!
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