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MSE News: Eon to cut electricity bills by 6%

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MSE News: Eon to cut electricity bills by 6%

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Energy
This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Eon today became the latest energy supplier to cut prices when it announced a 6% fall in electricity bills ..."
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Eon to cut electricity bills by 6%



  • madmum33madmum33 Forumite
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    The BBC story has a table which puts the price cuts into perspective:
  • Interesting to note that only 75% of EON's customers affected by this. This means only 25% are on fixed tariffs or some of their discount* tarrifs. So only around 25% are still on one of these deals (they normally revert to standard or online tariffs after the tariff expires). However depending on when those 25% switched to those tariffs, they are probably still better off having not had to swallow a rise at the end of the summer.

    * discount tariffs don't always move in line with standard prices as they are often only come with a guarantee to be x% below standard prices for a certain period, yet are often priced less than that. Equally it can mean they can increase way more than the 'headline' rate, like the Save Online 3 tariff did on Sept 13th, shortly before those still on it got shifted up to the even more costly EnergyOnline tariff when SO3 expired at the end of October.
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  • VT82VT82 Forumite
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    I think I switched to SaveOnline9 after something like SaveOnline2 finished. So I am not getting a cut? It was already barely a discount under the standard tariff! The a$£holes.

    Makes me want to switch just to spite them.
  • rhi999rhi999 Forumite
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    I joined online saver 8 in October 2011..have I missed out??:o
  • DustykittenDustykitten Forumite
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    I guess with 5 or the 6 gone it is worth doing comparisons now or in the very near future. I'd prefer Gas to go down over electric. I'm on one of the online savers too so doubt I get the discount and know there is a leaving fee.
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  • why not a gas reduction like EDF?
  • Well Scottish Power better get a move on before I jump ship.
  • michaelsmichaels Forumite
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    Great - I get my gas from eon and my electric from n-power so I won't be spending all my savings at once... :(
    I think....
  • We were on E.On SaveOnline 4 until yesterday when the deal finished, and now we have been put back onto EnergyOnline, which isn't as good as the latest SaveOnline 11.

    However, I guess I'm right that on 27/2/12 E.On will launch a SaveOnline 12 which will have a lower rate than SaveOnline 11, so it's best to stick it out a month on EnergyOnline and then sign up for SaveOnline 12, rather than sign up for SaveOnline 11 now?
  • chinychiny Forumite
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    Ha... my SaveOnline 4 also expired yesterday and I signed up to SaveOnline 11 on the assumption that the price reduction would apply to SaveOnline 11 :( Still, it is possible for me to switch to any other tariff within 14 days. You could swap to SaveOnline 11 for 14 days, whilst you work out your best option.

    EOn say that more price rises are inevitable. So, when SaveOnline 13 comes out, do they equalise 11 and 12 ? :undecided

    Probably I'll stay put on the basis that a saving now is worth more than a potential saving in 6 weeks time.
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