Salt & Vinegar v Cheese & Onion! Which are the ultimate crisps?



  • Bennifred
    Bennifred Forumite Posts: 3,986 Forumite
    Crisps with flavourings??:naughty: No, it's got to be Walkers Ready Salted. End of.
  • HariboJunkie
    HariboJunkie Forumite Posts: 7,740 Forumite
    Cheese n Onion but they have to be Tayto (from N Ireland) YUM
  • Mics_chick
    Mics_chick Forumite Posts: 12,014 Forumite
    Looks like Martin is losing to us 'philistine' C&O fans :D

    C&O is by far my favourite flavour but it has to be Walkers coz no other brand tastes anywhere near the same...

    My 2nd faves were Smokey Bacon (Walkers again) but I haven't been able to get them for absolutely ages - can anyone still get them?
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  • stevebananer
    stevebananer Forumite Posts: 131 Forumite
    Smokey bacon for me... if you could show me a desert island with an infinite supply I'd paddle all the way.
    They are getting harder to find, local Co-op still sold Walkers smokey bacon flavour last time I looked. (Two weeks ago, before the diet started...:sad:)
  • ManAtHome
    ManAtHome Forumite Posts: 8,512
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    The only proper crisps are PLAIN!

    Poncy flavourwise, has to be worcester(shire?) Wheaty Crunchies... (dunno if you can still get them though).
  • elfmay
    elfmay Forumite Posts: 18,716 Forumite
    Ohh has to be Salt & Vinegar! :D

    The only decision is whether to have Mcoys or Disco's! :drool:

    Although I'm quite partial to Ringo's (S&V) since they made a bit of a comeback ? :think:
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  • Syman
    Syman Forumite Posts: 2,608
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    whatever happened to sausage and tomato??
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  • MSE_Martin
    MSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert Posts: 8,273
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    elfmay wrote:
    Ohh has to be Salt & Vinegar! :D

    The only decision is whether to have Mcoys or Disco's! :drool:

    Although I'm quite partial to Ringo's (S&V) since they made a bit of a comeback ? :think:

    Now that's a good post. If I could award stars for posts that would win it.

    I agree with you but would like to add in 'fish n chips' which are a minaly northern thing, but still available from poundstretcher, and 1980's M&S potatoe sticks. Plus SnV french fries, but not the crisps themselves, just the little bit of flavouring that remains in the bottom of the packet at the end!

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  • Mr_Mister
    Mr_Mister Forumite Posts: 440
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    Cheese n Onion anyday !
    By the way, why do Walkers have blue packets for their Cheese n Onion??? All the rest have Green. Makes sense
  • Quintain_2
    Quintain_2 Forumite Posts: 442 Forumite
    Well I voted for ready salted ...... but the the most enjoyable are the ones with the little blue packet
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