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January 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 27 December 2011 at 2:52PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • SueP19 wrote: »
    Gosh just caught up with posts, what a great thread this is

    I spent £5 today which was not too bad, included 3 woopsie loaves some milk, pot and tin of beans. Hoping that is it for this week :D

    PS Love curtain twitcher :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

    lol loved the last post you should change your name to sup19akacurtaintwitcher lol
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  • FlorenceemFlorenceem Forumite
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    Caroline Runner & Need2Bthrifty thank you so very much for your kind words. I am trying to swap my smoking time for boiling the kettle for a cup of peppermint tea and sitting on here catching up on threads. Wish I could put my money into one account to show how much I am saving, but unfortunately smoking is one of those things I would ALWAYS find money for, even if it meant putting a pack on the credit card near the end of the month so I am just going to enjoy closing some overdrafts and credit cards instead. I do have some patches and gum in the house so will hopefully use that until I have run out then I will go back to Dr and get another prescription if i need to.

    On a GC note we had left over roast beef tonight with my home made yorkshire puddings which I had frozen in bags and they actually still tasted nice reheated. Just one upset in that I have finally used up the last of the 2KG potatoes I got in for Xmas which means I might need to go and get some more tomorrow, was hoping to have a few NSDs unless anyone can come up with something to serve with the Gammon & Leek crumble? I dont have any salad items in, just brocolli, carrots, onions, garlic and obviously leeks.

    Wishing you all a good evening

    E x
    What about cous cous or rice?
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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Florenceem wrote: »
    Did what I was told - have I got a signature now?
    Yes! Previewed post!

    see how educational this thread is? :D well done on getting your sig!

    welcome to our newbies, good luck with the challenge and as Spigs said, if you have any questions please ask ;)

    love the 'curtain twitcher' :D
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • right really need to get bum in gear off to get tidied before oh comes homes it looks like a bombs dropped seriously lol and make some muffins bread and mars bar cake will do them 1st and while there all cooking, tidy up
    ps can i just say how lovely you all are and soo helpful :)
    am loving the challenge and excited of the month ahead fingers crossed :D
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  • SueP19 wrote: »
    Gosh just caught up with posts, what a great thread this is

    Wow! I've only been away a couple of hours and another 2 pages :D - fantastic!

    However, I will apologise now as I may well fall behind after returning to work tomorrow (but will try my hardest not to!)!!!!
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  • KazLAKazLA Forumite
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    I am very inspired! :j
    We have a budget of £330 a month (2 adults, 5 yr old and 1 yr old), but have been a bit lax and have to keep topping it up recently. I have started reading this thread on a daily basis and despite not managing to catch up, I have picked up so many tips. In the last few days I have cleaned out my cupboards and fridge and have done a stock take of the contents of those and the freezers. I have been meal planning since May last year, and this has really helped, but this month, I am going to try to make meals out of what I have, even if I need to buy things to add to them (not sure how nutrious the meal from the 3 bags of marshmallows will be, but hey!) :rotfl:
    I'm not going to join officially, as I don't want the added pressure of posting totals etc, but will be reading and picking up recipes and tips. So thanks in advance to you all! :A
  • cw18cw18 Forumite
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    freakyogre wrote: »
    £1.49 on milk today in Coop. The last bottle of milk I got from there was before Christmas and dated 26th December (not that I take any notice) but lasted 'til this morning.......not sure what Coop are putting in their milk!!
    I'm still using a bottle I bought from Mr M dated 27th. And I bought another on Christmas Eve (not checked the date, but can't be much later) 'cos I thought I'd need it over the holiday week - but it's still unopened !!!
  • tigerfeet2006tigerfeet2006 Forumite
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    Can I please join? Have been watching from the sidelines for a few days now and am ready to jump in. Really eager to deal with my overspending but not sure what's a realistic goal for a newbie. Have hitherto operated an 'if I want it I buy it' system - but that's got me into all sorts of bother :(
    Think I'll plump for £500 for Jan, hoping that doesnt sound too greedy - it terrifies me!!

    Loving Motherships Second Purse system (post 6) and have already got that up and running :)

    Hi and welcome. We are a family of five as well and I was spending more than that this time last year. I am now down to £400 a month and the last couple of months have been consistantly under that and will be lowering it again soon. You are doing the right thing by not starting too low.
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    hex2hex2 Forumite
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    I love curtaintwitcher too

    a pre-work trip to MrS this morning was productive, and I stuck to my list despite the super reduced chocolate. c£20 spent but the self service nonesense didn't give me a receipt. Half price heinz mayo and tom sauce being the highlights. Also Twinings herbal teabags on offer at £2 for 80 which is a bargain for branded ones.

    Dinner was the dregs of the roast pork dressed up into egg fried rice which was rather lovely for what was essentially leftovers.
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  • Coxy11Coxy11 Forumite
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    Hi, having caught up with everyone's news I am on to report my latest spends.

    £28.73 in MrT on NYE on beer and pop as we were at a friend's house. Also got some sausages, veg, fruit etc.

    Went to the cinema yesterday. Decided to go to MrT first (£52.70) to get some fruit and veg, plus dinners for the week, packed lunch stuff etc. plus the sweets for the cinema(!). Got some drinks in B**ts before the show (£6 :eek:). Totted up that the cinema cost us almost £50 all told (5 of us, 2 adults, 3 kids). We hadn't really taken the kids out all holiday tho', but really.......£50 :eek::eek:

    NSD today :T
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