January 2012 Grocery Challenge

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  • MeadowsMeadows Forumite
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    Two free cookbooks either online or delivered to you, fennel seed oatcakes about done as we speak :) (with added chili flakes, didn't have wholemeal flour so used all white and added about 20g of bran).


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    You're all doing great GCers :D

    Went to get some things like cheese, loo roll, stuff for OH's lunch like fillings and crisps, some bleach, eggs, drinks, and fresh veg and spent £25 between Mr T and the C0-0p. Not bad. Adding that to my total and what we have left should be more than enough to last us until the end of the month - have a full freezer so can't actually afford to buy any more lol.

    Home made burgers, onion rings and chips for tea tonight - all freezer dwelling items! :)

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    Good morning,

    NSD today :j spent an unexpected £6.99 yesterday as my dad got me some of the toilet rolls in offer in Lidl :)
    Trying to decide whether to blow the budget and buy a massive bag of the cat's food, or buy a smaller bag, but in the long run the larger bag will save money, veering towards the first option I think, always knew this month would be touch and go anyway and If I'm in under £400 by the end of the months, I'll still be spending about half of what we have been spending a month :D

    Hope everyone has a good day and hugs :grouphug: for everyone who's having a tough time and lost loved ones.
  • mummyjanemummyjane Forumite
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    Spent £1.25 yesterday on 4 pints of milk on the way home. Popped into Mr A this morning and bought 7 loaves of bread reduced, 8 pints of milk, dog food, cat food, toiletries for hospital on Friday, pancakes (reduced), bananas, 2 x 100ml toothpaste reduced to 40p each and a reduced flake for 25p lol

    Total of £14.14 for all the above, have updated signature. Quietly confident that we'll come in under budget this month as very little needed before the end of the month.
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  • raphaniusraphanius Forumite
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    Byatt wrote: »
    Can anyone tell me where the parsnip and parmesan muffins recipe is please? :)

    its on morries website
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  • medusasmummymedusasmummy Forumite
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    Morning all :) BIG hugs to all who need them at the moment.

    just been catching up with everyone. Definitely gonna be trying the recipe for those cheese and tomato muffins. havent got any cherry tomatoes in but do have some tomato pesto hopefully should produce a similar result.

    i have been doing some shopping around, since thursday i've been to lid!, t3scos, ald!, 1celand, and sinsbury's. thought i was making great progress by buying enough of the things on offer to last the month for packed lunches but after totting up all the reciepts i've managed to spend £88.84. not feeling to great about it at the mo as it means we have approx £33 to last us til 3rd feb. on the plus side the with the exception of petrol tomorrow i shouldnt need to buy anything except bread until 31st jan. all our meals are planned until 7th feb, and we now have all the ingredients in to complete it.

  • carolinerunnercarolinerunner Forumite
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    Thanks meadows, that recipe for fennel seed oatcakes looks lovely! Also looks like some other nice ones on that site, so it's a handy one to know.

    Was hoping for a NSD here, still should be in grocery terms but just spent £45 at the vet on honky cat :(, hope he will be ok now. Of course, excess on the insurance policy is - yup, you guessed it - £50.
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  • MeadowsMeadows Forumite
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    Mortgage-free Glee! Hung up my suit! Xmas Saver!
    Thanks meadows, that recipe for fennel seed oatcakes looks lovely! Also looks like some other nice ones on that site, so it's a handy one to know.

    They take less than 15 mins start to finish, not sure how long they will last and how healty when loaded with brie but we won't worry about that :D

    Hope your cat is okay x
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  • esmeresmer Forumite
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    Morning All, its cold and frosty today.

    My First week spend was 23.74.
    So far I have spent 15.68 I have a few things to get.

    January so far is - 39.42
    Saving 2.00 coins
    Grocerys set to 40.00 pw
    Being Thrifty
  • JustamumJustamum Forumite
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    Only spent £72.72 this week - £51.72 of that was for food. Mind you there were a couple of things on my list which weren't in stock.
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