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MSE News: O2 launches iPhone 4S leasing scheme: is it any good?

in Mobiles
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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"O2 now allows phone users to lease the new iPhone 4S for a year to save on huge upfront costs ..."


  • Hmm,

    It's a pretty poor deal, at least with the Tesco option you can sell the iPhone for £2-300.

    Sure it alleviates the upfront cost but effecitvly it kinda looks like your paying about 30% APR on the "loan" for the phone.
  • SystemSystem Community Admin
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    Daylight robbery
  • Toe-JamToe-Jam Forumite
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    Don't understand why you have to have an expensive insurance policy with it when you have to pay for the damage/loss at the end anyway.
  • bengalknightsbengalknights Forumite
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    Its good for those who want to upgrade yearly poor deal for everyone else.
  • visidigivisidigi Forumite
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    you completely failed to mention the insurance excesses that apply to each claim - additionally when I bought my contract at the weekend the staff in o2 were overheard to tell customers to simply 'claim for a new handset on insurance' a few days before the end of the contract...

    Its £60 for the first claim and more for each consecutive one. Additionally its £120 per claim if the handset is a total loss...
  • robbies_galrobbies_gal Forumite
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    wots the point of insurance then? might aswell save up for one yourself less hassle
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  • CrabmanCrabman Forumite
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    Surprised that mobile operators have the nerve to offer 500MB internet with a smartphone.

    If you want an appropriate data allowance, the "One Plan" from Three is the best for its "all you can eat" data.
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    I am still baffled with this deal, a free blackberry for £10/month. Could someone who lives at the same address as an existing virgin broadband subscriber get this?
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    grumblergrumbler Forumite
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    edited 13 December 2011 at 8:31PM can cost hundreds of pounds if the phone is damaged under the O2 Lease scheme.
    ...O2 Lease enables new or existing customers to get a new 16GB iPhone 4S ...for £55 per month including insurance...
    ...prices include O2 mobile phone insurance, which is compulsory.
    ... At the end of the contract you'll have to return it in good condition to avoid a fee.
    Is it just me?
    What does the insurance cover then?

    EDIT: yes, I see now, it was not just me. So, in fact you pay about 12x£40=£480 for one year use of the handset costing £500. Daylight robbery indeed.
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    plumber2009plumber2009 Forumite
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    Absolutly terrible deal. Apple are getting desperate.

    Who in their right mind would take up this offer. Just get a galaxy s2 for free and for half the monthly price.

    And heres a question. Will a mobile phone insurance policy's with bank accounts cover this "rental" contract?
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