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    Regarding the safety cutouts (i believe called RCD boxes), my electrician was saying to put connections like bulbs etc on non-rcd and normal sockets on RCD. His logic was that you dont want the electricity to be switched off in case of blown bulb!
    Is the logic correct?
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    I think his advice is correct but his reasoning is worryingly wrong.

    You want a "split load" consumer unit so that some circuits (such as sockets) are on the RCD but some circuits (such as lights) are not. Remember there is only one RCD, which protects against electric shocks, and so this can disconnect several circuits when it trips.

    The reason you don't want lighting circuits on RCDs is that it is unlikely you will get a live-earth shock off a light fitting, which is the type which the RCD detects, and so it is more likely that you'll get injured tripping over something if the lights go out due to something on another circuit tripping the RCD.

    A light bulb should not trip an RCD when it fails; it may trip the individual MCB for the lighting circuit because failing light bulbs can present a near short circuit for an instant, due to plasma discharge within them.

    You don't want burglar alarms and freezers protected by your RCD either - they are unlikely to give you an electric shock (it is normally portable appliances that do) and you don't want the power disconnected from them unnecessarily.
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    Well I think the 17th edition of the wiring regs states that everyone should have a consumer unit with RCD. So it will be compulsary soon. And yes it can save your life as long as wired correctly and proper earthing taken care of. I would also recommend reutine maintenance. the 5-10yr thing is too long. A lot of cable damage is causedby rats mice and squirrels getting into lofts and in floor space they chew the cables. There is no guarantee they are not eating away as we speak. I think people should treat there homes and safety with more respect than there car that goes down in price have an annual inspection. People should also allow for the price of all the main earthing to be renewed at the same time as the consumer unit. Copper cable does not come cheap. This adds extra cost ontop and is compulsary to have done I believe. Then full test certificates must be provided. If this is not provided dont pay because the tradesman is breaking the law. The price of a consumer unit usually varies from the amount of ways. i.e. 10 way 12 way etc and they have to carry out a full electrical test to put on the schedule of results they issue you with so that adds to the price also the notification fee via the scheme provider i.e. NICEIC so if the price seems high its because there are a lot of overheads and liability in form of insurance to cover. Tools are expensive also and a test meter to carry out the test is 1000 pounds.
  • to have your fuse board changed to an RCD protected one can cost about £200 but please dont take any notice of people saying its dear, a life is worth more, much more.
    I currently change these and when i do the most common thing is also the main water and gas pipes aren't earthed so they need doing also, and then you may wish to have the house tested too, so the £200 becomes £360.00. if you are paying less, then you are probably only getting half the job done, and you are only marginally safer.
    Have an NICEIC electician carry the work, not a mate down the pub!!!

    sekk advise about these from or further advise and prices
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    An electrical test doesn't have to be conducted by an NICIEC registered Electrician, you could use the ECA or anyone carrying City and Guilds 2391,as long as the test results are logged in accordance with the IEE regs.
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    i've just had a Periodic Inspection Report for Electrical Installation, basically they test EVERYTHING and took an hour and a half and was very thorough. Cost £80 and was worth every penny. I've always been concerned that i'd have to find a couple of grand for a total rewire which is really what i need but i have today found out that it could be done in stages. My most urgent job being getting the gas and water earthed:eek: . I know there are regional variations but roughly how much would i be looking at - around £300? the gas meter and stopcock are all in the kitchen as is the fusebox.

  • Bonding the gas and water are not big jobs. You could run the cable in yourself. 16mm is the largest cable asked for in 16th edition (usually 10mm), can anyone confirm what the 17 th edition says?

    The hardest part is getting tha cable hidden out of sight as green/yellow cabe is quite ugly.

    All you need is 2 pipe earth clamps
    10/16mm cable

    If connecting to the pipes yourself make sure you fit the metal safety labels

    Then get your electrician to connect the earth cable to the fuse box and pipes if neccessary.

    Unless you have a massive kitchen then it will cost far less than £300.
    Ask your electrician about where you can run the cables
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    ftbworried wrote: »
    Electrical safety law dictates that all modern electrical work be inspected by a registered electrician.

    Thats not true.
    ftbworried wrote: »
    If you don't get a certificate for the inspection, you'll be breaking the law, as well as living in a potentially unsafe home.
    and neither is that.

    Just remember , after all the part p garbage designed to put more money into peoples pockets, the number of electrocutions has risen. Just another useless law.

    Take the sticky off this, it doesn't deserve it.
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    phead wrote: »
    Just remember , after all the part p garbage designed to put more money into peoples pockets, the number of electrocutions has risen. Just another useless law.
    Interesting - do you have a link to that?
    Take the sticky off this, it doesn't deserve it.
    Indeed - it's amounting to scaremongering. There should be threads telling people to keep off the roads - that's where the real carnage is.
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  • gromituk wrote: »
    Interesting - do you have a link to that?

    If you have a rumble around the government's website you should be able to find it.
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