Please ensure your electrics are up to date!!!!!!!!!



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    Mary - sent you a PM.
  • Hi Rockingit,
    Thanks for the PM.
    How should I explain where I live, let us say less than 60 minutes from Dover on a good day.
    A neighbour has suggested a sensible electrician - it is a bit of a jungle, like getting a car through the MOT.
    If some of the family South West of Winchester, have a project in mind I will suggest they get in touch.

    I know the modern regulations have some sense to them - for example I could stand up in my bath and change the light bulb:eek:
    Come to think of it, I could also hang onto the stainless steel sink and open the door into a still rotating salty dripping dishwasher. The dishwasher, unlike the sink is connected to the rest of the globe by plastic water pipes and a moulded on plug of unknown earth continuity (But it is German;)).

    Anyway getting back to a utility room with part of a ring-main, earthed to a copper spike hammered into the ground:

    I can see that being able to hang onto the taps and fiddle with the switch to a plugged in dryer, could have its dangers. Perhaps the equipment should be wired in via a neon bi pole switch, or the white goods and their sockets placed well away from the metal pipe work. That would be common sense not legislation.

    I will take my chances of electrocuting a visitor in the bathroom.

    Might be an idea to fit one of these in the kitchen ?
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    Mary - whilst I can be as flippant as the next man, my PM was simply sound electrical advice and the offer that I might have known someone in your area to have looked it over for you for probably next to nothing. As it happens, I do, as well.

    If you really want to understand bonding of extraneous conductive parts (aka equipotential bonding) then I can give you some links to Amazon where you can buy some very expensive books to read up on the subject (the one's that we are obliged to buy every time they change, then people moan when we have to charge for what we do...).

    Until then, I suggest you find a passing horse and lead it to some water for it to drink.
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    PLEASE don't be complacent!

    I attended an emergency call-out yesterday to a property where about a year ago an adult had been seriously shocked (technically, the word electrocution only applies if you end up dead - but you get the idea) whilst USING the shower. There is no more dangerous a place in your house to come into contact with electricity than when you are both naked and wet and the guy was 'lucky' to have survived. A British Gas homecare electrician had attended and condemned the place (and rightly so, it's a death trap) - I saw the report and I saw the customers signature at the bottom. So, nearly a year on, I'm getting a call because there's sparks coming out of a cooker point..... Thankfully, I think the owner has finally seen sense and is going to have the place rewired, but it just beggars belief that after one incident where someone is nearly killed people still don't get it - when an electrician gives you good advice it's for a damn good reason!!!!
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    I have come across some right nightmare is my time as a plumber

    - One guy told me that due to a leak on his metal bath his hair actually stood on end one time when he was using it! It looks like the leak was going into the lighting circuit and making the bath live! This is why you have equipotential bonding!!!!!

    - An electrician I worked with informed me that the meter in the house we were working in had dodgy work done on it essentially adding a whole extra 'extension' on it without upgrading. He told me that they had a 60 amp fuse on the unit and that they were probably running 150amp plus through it regularly!!! No RCD or anything else. Needless to say he refused to work on the system . . . . .

    I have come across so many dangerous electrics in peoples houses as a part of my work I cannot tell you!

    The first thing I do is get a proper electrician down to make it safe.

    There are a few things of real importance:

    - Get a new consumer unit (with an RCD!)

    - Get the bonding checked/done.

    - Get all the circits checked . . .
    I was going to put the name of my plumbing business here so you know what I do should I give out any advice plumbing wise - however apparently I cant do that - go figure!!!!!
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    I'm purchasing a house which will need complete rewriting. I would like to get one of the most advanced consumer boxes on the market.

    If the price of the consumer box is not an issue (or let's say more than the average price), would top of the range box would any electrician here recommend?

    If it exists, something which has smartphone interactivity / communication to advise which RCD has blown and when / event logging and is there such a thing as touch panel to reactivate a switch rather than a hard switch? Anything that has some new features whilst meeting the safety standards, I would be grateful to know.

    Also where is the ideal place to relocate a consumer box / does it always have to be where the mains comes in?

    Anyone also know the cost of moving a meter typically?
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  • Hi,

    Generally, how much does it cost to rewire a house? The OP has said about the getting it done regardless of the cost, however, if you physically haven't got the money what can you do?
    I think I have a serious electrical problem in my house, but I can't afford to fix it. I know life is more valuable, but I physically don't have the money and can't get a loan.
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    Badsaver wrote: »

    Generally, how much does it cost to rewire a house? The OP has said about the getting it done regardless of the cost, however, if you physically haven't got the money what can you do?
    I think I have a serious electrical problem in my house, but I can't afford to fix it. I know life is more valuable, but I physically don't have the money and can't get a loan.

    I agree, the way things are these days every penny is gone before you can even think of a major electrical job that will cost between £3,000 and £4,000.
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  • Ok so first of all im the top flat, so i thought maybe the wind through the attic was the cause, but then i only hear this sound in the morning, so that cant be so. I have also got the step ladders out next to the box and listened, pretty sure its coming from there.

    Worrying! So im now in the process of getting or trying to get an electrician out to look at it. Worried tho in the meantime, im out at work..
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    Is anything, especially the "tails". coming out of you "box" getting hot?

    If you can find a picture of your "box" on Goolgle and link to it, then people might be able to make more specific observations.
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