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Spill the beans... how much do you splash out per child for Xmas?[IMGRIGHT]http://images.moneysavingexpert.com/images/spillthebeans2.gif[/IMGRIGHT]

Is your spending higher than Santa flies, or do you have tips to keep it cheap? Is it in proportionate to income and do you spend the same on each child?
Thanks to samphe for starting the original discussion...

It's suprising how the cost of the presents add up. I have 2 children age 13 and 9 (but almost 10!). They have a stocking each which they open upstairs first and then a sack/bigger presents downstairs.

As they've gotten older the overall volume of the presents has gone down drastically but the cost certainly hasnt!

I feel embarrassed to say that I have added everything up and have spent about £320 on each child.

I just wondered how this compares to other people?

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    I guess we spent more on ours when they were younger but since they have become older teens (the last couple of years) ...............we have said to them that they can have £150 each and choose whether to have that in presents or cash.

    It makes them really think what they would like and its an amount we can comfortably afford.

    Even if we could afford more, I would not be keen on splashing out willy nilly as it makes for greedy kids that dont appreciate money.

    They are 18 and 16 by the way.

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    I'm going to feel really tight now but £10 (ish) on stocking - 10 things for about £1 and the nabout £50 on each for their presents under the tree
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  • Around £100 each this year, I personally think its up to the individual! If I had £320 to spend each on my two I definitely would!
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    we spend about a grand on each of our children...aged 6 and 12....ill put my hard hat on now but if u have it spend it i say....we spend about this every year
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    me too. I would love to get them everything I see but hey ho. Sure costs will go up when they want things other than scooters, or a pink bouncy ball!!
    “Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what. If you don't listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won't tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff.”
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    My daughter has a budget of 250 quid, she can choose whatever she wants for that money and I throw in some stocking fillers. She gets pressies at her dads too as we're divorced. She has had this budget for a number of years from me after her dad and I added up how much we spent on xmas and it was in the region of 1000 quid!:eek::eek::eek: We were appalled and vowed not to do it again.
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  • I have 3 kids and they get £100 each from myself and hubby. I spend £10 for each as a present from them to each other and they get a small stocking that just has chocolates and sweets in it.

    If they want anything that costs more than that I ask other relatives and friends who buy for them to give them money so that they can buy it themselves. They have bought a Wii, Ipod touches etc in the past.

    Been very MSE this year for the youngest, bought a bike from a friend for £45, it is like new so it will look like she has more than the others!
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    150, less on the younger ones. Argos ebay outlet is a godsend.
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    I have a DD who is 4yrs and bought all her presents and wrapped them. I have spent roughly about £130 (actual cost is nearer £200 as got reasonable deals) and hopefully able to still get new pjs from us for christmas eve. I have bump who will be born in the next 2-4weeks and I have spent a total of £10 for 3 items (as DD wants to write a list for santa for new sibling) and will be putting a bit of money in their bank account when born. I have this debate every year on if how much and if the bundle looks big enough. I am crossing my fingers that DD likes her bundles as she gave no ideas until last week and its all bought now since we will be busy near christmas with a newborn.
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    My son's only asked for one thing and that's a computer game around £35 :)
    I'll buy him a couple of other things or give him some money to buy some clothes etc he likes (about £50). I don't buy him too much as I have a rather large family who always buy for him. I now have a new fiance and his side of the family will spoil my son rotten! :rotfl:
    At the most I'll spend £100 on him although I know I could get away with just the game :)
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