Caravan, camping and holiday cookery

I mentioned this on another thread, sorry for repeating myself LOL. Went to a large second hand book barn yesterday searching for a book on slow cooking, no joy but did find a book called Caravan and Holiday cookery and as we're taking up camping this year I bought it to give me some ideas. It says on the back that the maximum needed for each meal is 2 rings and a grill. Obviously not all recipes need a grill, we wont have one when camping although you can get a contraption thingy to hold bread over the flame to toast it.

Obviously there is a book full of recipes, will post some, let me know if you need more.

Vegetable "Samosas"

4 slices wholemeal bread
2 eggs
425g can mixed veg
3 tsps curry powder

Cust the crusts off the bread. Drain the veg and mix with curry powder.Spread the curried veg evenly onto two slices of bread, cover to make sandwiches and press lightly. Beat the eggs well and coat each sandwich. Allow the bread to soak up some of the egg. Fry the sandwich in a small amount of oil until golden brown. Cut into triangles and serve hot or cold with salad.

Some of the recipes call for tinned stuff, not sure if you use that or not.

Bacon Badger

100g streaky bacon
1 tbsp dried onion
500mls water
375g tin butter beans
50g white long grain rice

Fry bacon until tender. In a large pan place water, butter beans (including liquid), dried onion, rice and bacon. Simmer for 10 minutes. Drain and serve with side salad.

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  • Sarahsaver
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    instant mash
    super noodles
    sosmix (veggie sausage mixture)
    tinned pate
    sis and i used to go camping;) these were our favourites.
    Also as a kid every year mum and dad took us to the seaside, and every week we got a couple of tins of food and put them in the holiday box. Beans and sausages, big soup, sardines, those vacum packed frankfurters. And its the only time ever that we had bacon sandwiches.
    In the interests of old style living lets resurrect tinned food!!!
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    I have done reading too!
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  • Anne_Marie_2
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    Never been camping but have enjoyed caravan holidays, and can only agree with Sarah, that tinned food is a kind of must, being a bit more practical, you can hardly do frozen, or just a tiny little bit.
    From what I can remember (it's been a while), used to get tins of soup, beans - various kinds including baked, tomatoes, potatoes, spaghetti, frankfurters, tuna, pilchards, instant mash, instant noodles, tinned sweetcorn, peas, packets savoury rice, shops own "Angel Delight", tinned fruit, evaporated milk or tin cream, long life milk or powdered milk for emergencies, cocoa - you have to have cocoa when roughing it, and packets of biscuits. Veggie stock cubes and onion gravy, jar of mayo. Cheese, onions, eggs and tomatoes were the other staples.
    It was amazing what would be eaten by my lot, which they would have turned up their noses at home, needs must and all that.
    Did a bean casserole, tin of any kind or mix of beans, added tin of tomatoes, or tin of tomato and veg soup, some onion, mushrooms, herbs or and spices. This was fine for me with bread. Added chopped frankfurters/smoked sausage or bacon for the meat eaters. Bit grated cheese on top.

    Veg Samosa recipe sounds good Tiff. Another version is to make up sandwiches say cheese and onion, cheese & ham, whatever, soak in egg and fry.

    Just remembered used to get tins of toastie toppers for supper, which were of no use to me, think they are all meaty. They went down a treat, as would never buy them normally! Mix of grated cheese, onion and mayo for my toasties, but suppose this is only possible if you have a fridge, and the whole idea totally useless unless you have a grill!

    We used to borrow caravan from Mum & Dad, which has everything, so we weren't exactly slumming it. Good idea that they had various extras for cooking, rather than just the gas, if the site had electricity. One of those small oven/grill type things with couple of rings, a small barbecue and an electric steamer. I quite enjoyed cooking with those outside, or under cover of the awning (not the barbecue!), if it was raining - bit more room. Aah taking me back, will have to ask them very nicely if we can pinch the caravan again! (You reading this Mum????)
  • Edinburghlass_2
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    I would think for camping, yes you are more restricted in utensils and a lack of a fridge but caravanning these days is hardly "roughing" it :rotfl:

    Having said that when camping I quickly gave up on the instant mash and found boiling some proper potatoes was just as easy and much tastier! Until the end of the last year I had a touring caravan based on a site, so quite small but still I had my microwave, baby George and best of all for the kids was the chocolate fondue. We often had all the kids from the site gathering in the evening for a chocolate fondue with fresh fruit, they loved it :j Cost about £6 from Habitat and takes up little room.

    I always had a selection of tins in the cupboard for quick and easy, and would add to the lists tinned custard, quick comfort food when its raining!
  • Galtizz
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    My camping cooking generally consists of pasta with chopped courgettes or a.n other veg); tuna and sweetcorn; mixed veg etc.
    Cook pasta first (strain though a tea towel, because lid/strainer was too heavy to carry/ forgotten :o ) bung in tin of toms and some mixed herbs.
    I tend to back pack with tent so everything has to be really light so I only have 1 miserly burner. Oven? microwave? electricity? :confused:;):D

    Love the idea of the fondue set Edinburghlass. I've got one in a cupboard somewhere, might take it next time I go, I knew it would be useful for something.
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  • tiff
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    We will have a two ring burner and disposable BBQ's, got loads really cheap at the end of last season. So we can have BBQ'd meat, fish and veg, fry up for breakie. Will probably stick to BBQ'd meat and salad, fresh crusty bread for weekends but will need a variety of things for longer stays. We're booked for a week in Wales in the school hols, how brave is that since we've never been camping on our own before LOL
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  • kimmie35
    kimmie35 Posts: 27 Forumite
    Well we go camping all the time in our caravan and i mainly cook what we have at home. There isnt a microwave but we have an oven and 4 rings and a grill. It seems though that we have mainly bbq thanks to his insistance that he is in charge of the bbq and i just do the salad and bread oh and the kids do the washing up... Cant wait to get back to france in the summer as there isnt nothing quite like a big dollop of mayonnaise on your chips.... Oh and the bread ohh and maybe the cakes and of course the wine and beer..... Sunshine too...... 24 weeks to go...........
  • tiff
    tiff Posts: 6,608
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    I'm in the camping mood today, its nice and sunny and mild outside, I have washing on the line for the first time in ages, cant wait to get out there.

    Some tips for those camping with young kids, get a box of toys/games etc just for camping. IT will all be new to them and they will enjoy playing with all the new things in the camping field or if its raining. Asda are selling frisbies for 43p, they have lots of cheap outdoor games, paddling pools etc, buy cheap colouring books and pens at pound shops. I had some balloons sent to me as part of a freebie, I've put those away for camping so my son can make water bombs. Dont worry, we wont let him go round throwing them at other campers! They also love Glow sticks which you can get cheaply on Ebay.
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  • Edinburghlass_2
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    The disposable BBQs are great for camping/caravaning, just be carefull to place them on a rock or put something underneath them as they tend to scorch the grass and the site won't be very pleased if you have lots of square burnt patches when you leave :rotfl:

    I agree kimmie, when I was caravanning we ate pretty much what we have at home except I used a lot of salad instead of vegetables. Boiled plenty of potatoes at night and used what was left for fried potatoes in the morning :D
  • tiff
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    With the disposable BBQ's Wilkinsons were selling a stand last year, nothing fancy just like a wire frame that would take the standard and larger disposable BBQ's for around £2.99. Means you dont have to search for something to place the BBQ on and also folds down flat and takes up no space in the car. I didnt bother getting one as I had to get the bus home and had my little one with me but I wish I had now. They might sell them this year when they have the garden/camping stuff in.

    Good tip about the potatoes :)
    “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” - Dave Ramsey
  • kimmie35
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    One of my most memorable meals last year was in October and it was cold and raining and i made spag bol and as normal made too much and noticed that a couple had just arrived and looked frozen so went over with my saucepan and the left over garlic bread and 2 spoons and gave it to them and ran back as it was so windy, they were only in a tent and the next morning there was no sign of them but on my step was the pan and spoons with some wild flowers in...

    If only everyone was as friendly on site.......
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