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Preparing for winter III

edited 11 October 2011 at 6:49PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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edited 11 October 2011 at 6:49PM in Old Style MoneySaving
Hi everyone,

As the last 'preparing for winter' thread has now grown very long, I think it's time for a new one, and what better time of year to begin to prepare than the end of September, even if we are having a bit of an Indian summer right now. :)

So here goes....a shiny new thread. Please post below all your preparations for winter. If you want to read through the tips on the older threads you can find them here:

Preparing for Winter

Preparing for winter II

Other links that may help:

the ice man cometh! (merged with keeping warm)

Things that worked or didn't work last winter

Frugal but happy in winter?

Lets hope it's a good one for all of us. :)




  • CH27CH27
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    I've nothing wintery to say at the moment but didn't want to lose this new thread:D
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  • just ordered 2 hot water bottles from older post, preparing for winter 2. Never been so organised! lol
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  • Looking forward to Autumn and Winter. I love all the seasons, each is special in it's own way. Although give me snow and ice any day over a mild wet drab winter!

    Looking forward to woodland walks followed by a warming casseroles and steamed puddings afterwards....

    Just sorting out the vegetable garden at the moment. Planted some onions sets and weeded the cabbages. Have a glut of tomatoes at the moment, so may have a go at Tomato Chutney (although I've never made it before....any tips would be appreciated).

  • I hope I'm prepared already. We have oil wood and coal. Gloves hats scarves thick socks and wellies. Food in the freezer and cupboards. Loo roll stockpiled. Ditto cat food and other cleaning products.
  • Its hard to imagine that in a week or so its going to be cold!

    28c where I am today!!! I've been sunbathing this afternoon too!

    I need to pull out the DW and switch off the outside tap then lag it - plus the pipes that froze outside last year... Remember my WM nightmare when we couldn't use it for nearly a week :eek:

    If only we could store this heat as well as we manage to store toilet rolls!!! :rotfl:
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    rising - elona beat me to it with the brolly or handle! or
    what about a garden rake - could you pull the bag towards you?

    got curtains today that a friend's friend was making for me - there are lovely a sort of tapestry type material so should be cosy - just got to get them up now.
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  • Oooh I just got a helping hand in my prep! I asked for a sewing machine on Freegle ( an independent Freecycle) and got given one !!! it looks like something that was old when I was at school but it's simple and perfect ! So excited !!! all I need now is some material and to remember/ work out how to thread a bobbin !
    Thank you to all the money savers:beer: for all the wisdom, companionship, bargains, competitions and ideas:T you have made a transformation to our household, Thank you, it would have been so much harder without you and together we are amazing :A:smileyhea
  • GettingtherequicklyGettingtherequickly
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    I am reasonably ok with my prep, but need to give the windows a last good clean before the winter, was so embarassed when I saw how dirty they were the other evening. Downside is that I am so busy at the moment, that the only suitable time will be about 6 on Sunday morning, which just clashes with a crucial rugby match down under :( May get a chance tomorrow, but certainly don't want to be doing it in the heat!
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    Muffin man - brilliant, thanks ... I knew it was easy to cast off, just couldn't remember how but it's all come flooding back now :D

    Elona & Tootti - I'm going to be :o as I say this but I tried kitchen tongs earlier (to no avail) never thought of a hooked brolly or rake so will give them a bash! (Really frustrating as I can touch the bag with one finger, just not get hold of it!).

    Been sitting in the garden soaking up the sun, knitting my shoulder throw .... so winter prep in the gorgeous sun - perfect!:D
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  • Frugal wrote: »

    If only we could store this heat as well as we manage to store toilet rolls!!! :rotfl:

    Yes I completely agree with that, what a saving on the heating bills - I just hope the sun keeps on shining though. Grey and raining days get to me after a while I feel deflated by it. According to the BBC weather online it is still hot into the early part of next week so I guess it is gradually going to decline later on. I just have iddly diddly jobs left to do now :)

    Just finished cleaning the bathroom and this was a very deep clean. I have a crystal covered display bowl in the bathroom which I have all my bath bombs and things in, but it does get dusty so I have washed that and gave it a once over with vinegar and it is drying off in the sunshine gleaming away. I am appreciating having the windows open and letting so much fresh air sweep through the house, I just think it changes the ambience and the feel of the place when the air is so fresh and clean.

    Tesco think they are in for a bar-be-que bonanza weekend with this weather. Probably right on that, it's just the flipping smell though that gets to me!
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