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shopping at Lidls

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mirrymirry Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Food Shopping & Groceries
:D A new Lidls is opening very close to my house, it will be ready late summer.

Now as I usually shop at tescos, Id like to know the price differences, does any one shop at lidls ?

can you give me any examples , how cheap they are?

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  • stilerninstilernin Forumite
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    mirry wrote:
    :D A new Lidls is opening very close to my house, it will be ready late summer.

    Now as I usually shop at tescos, Id like to know the price differences, does any one shop at lidls ?

    can you give me any examples , how cheap they are?


    There are a few threads dedicated to Lidls and Aldi. I don't know how to put a link on for you, but some one will soon I'm sure. You could try a search though.

    I do use Lidl and Aldi and find there are some bargains to be had. Worth experimenting to see if you like their products
  • 1ltr of lovely grape juice 49p
    Thick & creamy yoghurt 19p each (i usually buy a tray of 20 for £3.80)
    15 x 330ml Budweiser £7.99
    750ml Cava £2.99 to name a few
    Huge choice of fruit and veg which is excellent quality & knocked right down in price by the end of the day.
    & my Lidl is always nice & quiet which is great!
  • vivw_2vivw_2 Forumite
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    If its opening near you , you will probably get a weekly/fortnightly leaflet through your door with all the special weekly bargains.....worth going through. They also have a web site:
    and you can subscribe to a newsletter that gives the special bargains.
    One opened near me at the end of Sept and I've been in a few times. Its all to do with personal taste and as already been said there are a lot of links to Lidl on this site.....put Lidl in the search and you should find lots of info from others.
    I get olive oil there as its cheap and then look out for any other bits I want or to try. Apparently their choc is good but I haven't had it. Also cleaning products are good and cheap.
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  • mirrymirry Forumite
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    Thanks for that, yesturday they had a open day at our local church hall to come and sample their food (which I did ) me , hubby and kids eat loads ,lol.
    Also took a carrier bag of food home, in it= lots of chocolate.
    Tried the caramel bar , which is basically just like a mars bar and it was lovely.

    My only complaint was , they never had any prices on the food, I asked the staff but they didnt know.
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  • carol_a_3carol_a_3 Forumite
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    I love their Special K type cereal with strawberries in, it's less than £1 a pack at the moment.
  • elonaelona Forumite
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    Lidl do a boxed Camembert for about 89 pence and Sainsbury charge £1.69.

    Their smoked trout is lovely as are their smoked cheese slices for about 99 pence.

    We have two Lidls near us - one has been open for a few years and is in a very crowded part of the city with lots of high rise flats and is always crowded and noisy.

    Another one has just opened a month ago and is in a suburb so is much quieter and it is easier to do the shopping there and less stressful.

    I love Lidl because it has stuff that you would pay a fortune for in a delicattessen.
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  • hazzie123hazzie123 Forumite
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    You can get some really good stuff out of LIDLS.My favourites are;

    Their version of pot noodles,about 39p,chicken and mushroom is the best,prefer these to the proper pot noodles.

    The fruit and veg are excellent value.

    The large fat tins of chilli con carne,is gorgeous.

    The low sugar tins of rice pudding for 18p,very nice.

    You can get some nice pieces of meat in there too,but the one near me doesn`t have much of a range.

    Loads of chocolate!

    Their toilet rolls are good too,I get the Cien (Spell?)ones,they have a little grey kitten on the wrapper.

    Bread flour is very good.

    Personally I think it`s really trial and error,like anything else.You wont know unless you try.Just keep a note of what you like and what you dont.
    I couldn`t do my full weekly shop in there so I split it up between going to Asda for what I cant get at LIDLS.
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  • victoryvictory Forumite
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    lidl youghurts the kids love and they are on sale at the mo for 64p (in their mag) and are fab for the lunch boxes....
    We buy tinned chilli con carne, I think 89p something like that a large one and that is lovely...
    Everytime we go to Lidl and shop we allways have more money than if we had shopped at Sainsburys etc so that is also a bonus !! xxx
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    I'm sure you're an angel in disguise Victory :)
  • jackiebjackieb Forumite
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    Their coleslaw is really creamy. It comes in a pretty big tub but for the life of me I can't remember the price.

    Their panty liners (avocado and something else , aloe vera maybe? lol) are a lot cheaper than Always and they're pretty good quality. 85p

    Their own cup a soups with croutons are 39p. Nice and creamy too.

    Their own brand rich tea's are 29p and as good, if not better than McVities.
  • mirrymirry Forumite
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    right , thats it, hubbY must drive me over to Lidls TODAY !!!

    ive got pen and paper here making notes.

    I notised they had a large jar of pasta sauce at the open day, but again , no price. Id like tins of tomatos, curry sauces, sweet and sour, basmati rice,
    toilet rolls etc.
    anything that will make cheap meals.

    Im fed up having no money, how much do you spend in Lidls each shop ?
    I will let you know later how I get on. Hope the shops not busy cos Im a recovering agrophobic and hate crowds.
    Kindness costs nothing :)
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