Things You Never Thought You Could Sell

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    When I was nearing 50 my mum had a clear out of her loft and decided to offload all my old childhood dolls and clothes on me from the 60s/70s. I took some time and made up the original outfits to list as lots on Ebay. All was going really well until the last lot finished - it was lots of odd bits and pieces like Sindy's stockings, socks, plastic shoes, oranges and a white PVC handbag. The lot started a bidding war and ended up at about £65. I was intrigued to know why the bidder had gone so high so asked them what the item was that sparked their interest. Turned out to be the handbag that was from a rare outfit. When I looked the outfit up, I don't remember ever having it, so I must have "borrowed" the handbag from one of my friends.
    What goes around comes around.....I hope!
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    I sold a pair of Hunter wellies that someone had dumped outside my sister's house in Sydney. They were high-heeled lace up things and spotless. I brought them back with me and put them on ebay and got £145!!!!!!
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    I sold an empty Tiffany's box for £25 this week....I wonder what will be in it when it is given at Christmas!
    What goes around comes around.....I hope!
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    I need to get into this! I read that old tax discs sell. I've got some in glove box. I need an ebay account and then I'll start sorting stuff. Bring it on.
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    My husband and I moved into our first home recently and so we have been skint. We are both pack rats and I have been making a real effort to sell things we don't need, so we can eat mostly!! I have sold all sorts of bits and bobs of craft stuff I didn't need anymore (and that I didn't think anyone would want!). I have also sold unused make up, tights in the packets, and false nails. But the most impressive things have been a box of toilet roll tubes (on the suggestion of this website) and on Facebook, all our used moving boxes. Saved us a trip to the skip and paid for that week's food bill...
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    I sold an empty iPhone box for about £12 on Ebay if I remember right.
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