Things You Never Thought You Could Sell

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    I couldn't believe it even sold I had DROPPED DOWN TOILET NOT WORKING PROPERLY in huge letters across the advert and advertised in title as BROKEN just incase someone bought then asked for a refund, but to my shock it sold.

    Items bought in £ stores for £3-£4

    Broken PS2 also sold well, £70 I think it was, front was smashed where the controllers went and drawer was broken for CDs to go in, they were only about £89 new at the time IIRC.
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    My mum had been told to come off HRT and go onto Menopace, got 3 for price of 2 at local big chemist dept and then was allergic to one of ingredients, shop wouldn't buy them back as they were medication, so put that on ebay when I'd just started got asking price and good feedback!

    Also had been trying to sell my ex's engagement ring to local jewellery shops, pawn brokers etc, no one wanted to buy it so tried it on BIN and sold it for more than the only shop that offered to buy it would offer! Have also sold a few other items he gave me during the year - he'd be very annoyed if he knew I sold the LE toy car he gave me for more than he bought it for! :j
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    Hey! I recently sold a broken and damaged portable dvd player for £30! Absolutely gobsmacked when a bidding war started. Also lots of old womans/womans own have been selling for twice what mum paid for em. :confused: not complaining tho!
  • halloweenqueen_2halloweenqueen_2 Forumite
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    This is a good thread!! Love to hear about all the things that sell!
  • babes21babes21 Forumite
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    A faulty/repairable laptop which sold for £165 also a faulty/repairable mobile phone which sold for £65.
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    I sold a set of 3 leather bags (for holiday type things!) that I had bought for £25 in a second hand shop. They sold for £113. I was terrified that they would leave negative feedback because they had obviousely made a mistake, but they were thrilled with them.
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  • This thread is a great idea!!!

    My husband is VW freak and goes to scrap yards and gets all different little bits for VW's and sells them on E BAY for about 10 - 15x what he's paid for them at the scrap yard. A lot of overseas bidders can't get hold of a lot of car parts so are desperate to get hold of things....... and my OH has made a lot of money from doing this.

    Also (shouldn't really say this and I'm really ashamed of him) but he thinks if something from a scrap yard will fit in his pocket then he doesn't have to pay for it and therefore makes even more of a profit. Yes, I know its technically stealing and I shout at him but it make no difference. (please don't be mad with us!!!!!!!!!!!)
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    bought over 100 phones from a hotel sale in newquay for £10 the lot and sold them individually for between £5 and £21 on ebay !
  • I once got £15 on eBay for a colour supplement that came free with my usual weekend paper. There was a short story in it that wasn't going to be published in the US for four months and I noticed there was a huge demand for it when I googled the author's name to try and find out more about him. That was the first thing I ever sold on eBay and the reason I joined up.

    Since then, I've managed to sell used carrier bags (better than green clubcard points!), the lottery ticket I saved from the first ever draw (not a winner), and my ex's unused nicotine patches sold really well. I've definitely found that the things I put up for sale expecting to do really well let me down, the the old junk I put up with a jokey write-up 'just to see what happens' ends up being the money-spinner. I've noticed that it's often the more quirky stuff that gets you a better natured buyer, as well.

    Great thread - will be checking back for more ideas :p
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  • my sister made a dymo sticker label at work for my parents saying 'my mum and dad are sad ebay anoraks' and i had to bid for it because there was a bit of a bidding war and my mum didn't really want to sell it but put it on for a laugh to see how many hits it would get!!! i had to bid over £2 for it!!!
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