What's Just Not Worth Scrimping On?

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Hey all,

I always try to shop around and find a bargain, shop efficiently and cut back where I need to.

I was just wondering if any of you have found any areas that it's just not wise to scrimp on or that you allow yourself just one last luxury in your life no matter how small! :p

The only things I can think of are :-

Washing detergent - I buy it on offer but I can't change down too many brands unless I want to go mad with itching 24/7 :D

Car repairs - OH does simple things like oil change etc but we never scrimp on important repairs.

Kitchen towel/TP - :rotfl:Cheaper brands really do cost you more as it gets used up 2x as fast!

Chocolate - I'd rather have 1 bar a year of nice chocolate compared with a years supply of cheaper choc. I don't drink or smoke so it's my only luxury. :p

I'd be interested to hear what has stood the test of time on the shopping lists of all you hardened MSE'ers!!



  • rdchick
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    Loo roll definitely - I HATE with a passion cheap loo roll - what's the point if you almost end up using your hand because it just falls apart!!! Lol!!! xxx
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  • Smamfer
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    Good post :D

    From the top of my head i would have to say

    Real coke of pepsi, i dont drink this is my vice but i cant stand cheaper ones.

    Heinz tommy k, i have tried lesser and i just can't do it!

    Cheap butter i was brought up on Lurpak its my treat in life :rotfl:

    i agree on your kitchen roll and i have to say loo roll is often just way too thin too although i only get the real good stuff if it is on offer.

    Bisto gravy granules would be another,,, im sure theres a lot more but these spring to mind

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  • Tixy
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    Moisturiser & foundation - perhaps not that small a luxury in terms of price but I won't compromise on these.
    Washing detergent here also - always buy on offer like you.
    There are lots more as well I'm sure, I'm not very good with the down-shifting challenge!
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  • topcat9
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    Great idea, got me really thinking :)

    Diet Coke (has to be in a can too not a bottle - I'm a connoisseur :))

    Agree with everyone about toilet roll/kitchen roll etc. Cleaning sprays/liquids as well - I buy branded on offer or good supermarket own-brands but not the real cheapo ones as they are often very dilute and you need to use much more.

    Nail varnish - I don't buy them that often and they're one of the cheaper items sold by the posher beauty brands so I'm getting a little treat without spending loads (plus I do think they last longer).

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  • RAS
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    For me - decent tea (quite happy with leaves rather than bags) but I drink it very weak so can make one portion go a long way.
    And proper coffee, I would rather buy a bag as an occasional treat, given it does not last long, than drink the instant stuff

    And I buy decent wholemeal bread from the organic shop because it lasts so much longer than the Chorlton processed stuff; even if it costs more per loaf it is as cheap in the long run.
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  • kefalos10
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    Pedigree Chum dog food. Yes she is spoilt but it really is the only one that agrees with her and Robinsons Special R blackcurrant juice. For me not the dog!!
  • I have to agree with the kitchen roll/toilet paper/washing detergent thing. We're lucky to be able to get it from Makro at very good prices.

    I have to have proper coffee also..I bought a 'decent' instant just to keep in the cupboard and tried some the other day and it was yuk! Also it has to be Ringtons tea!

    I can't use any other washing up liquid other than Fairy and cornflakes have to be Kelloggs.
  • crazyguy
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    I wonder if Tesco's made value condoms would they sell many, I dont think I would use them !
  • thechippy
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    Salad cream and mayo..

    It just has to be Heinz and Hellmans.
    Happiness, is a Kebab called Doner.....:heart2::heart2:
  • lol crazyguy. I wonder how safe they would actually be?!
    I may not be there yet, but i'm one step closer then i was yesterday
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