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So OS that it's sad?



  • Maitane wrote: »
    I get Marshmallow Fluff in TK Maxx now. You know, the wonderful nutritious food stuff it is. Especially when scooped out of the jar with Cadbury's Fingers (or equivalent)

    have you tried it in a sandwich with nutella? its really really good :)
  • jfdi
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    Oh goodness you've got me chuckling!

    My haul over the years.....

    France - replacement coffee jug for my filter, filter coffee, garden bits, raspberry canes, bulbs / gladioli etc (from the farm shops in SW Brittany where they're cultivated)
    USA - decent woven cotton throws, kitchen towels, coffee filters (like 350 for $1!), Secret solid stick deo (brought a dozen in the Spring - should keep me going until end 2013!)
    Spain - kitchen knives (cheap from the 'hunting' market stalls), fruit bowls, tablecloths (christmassy ones & spill proof ones)
    Portugal - earthenware cookware

    and I'm not even thinking of foodstuffs, duty frees or clothes!
    :mad: :j:D:beer::eek::A:p:rotfl::cool::):(:T
  • Eyeore
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    Oo it's made me feel all warm reading this thread, as I do this too! Only bought small kitchen items or foodstuffs but am going to New York in november so might branch out a bit! I do love a supermarket abroad, OH is used to it now, he knows it makes me happy :-)
    2019, move forward with positivity! I am the opposite of Eyeore :rotfl:
  • Uniscots97
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    I bought saffron in Turkey for around 80p. There was so much I shared it out amongst friends and family. I also buy a lot in Blackpool every year which I find so much cheaper than here in Scotland.
    CC2 = £8687.86 ([STRIKE]£10000[/STRIKE] )CC1 = £0 ([STRIKE]£9983[/STRIKE] ); Reusing shopping bags savings =£5.80 vs spent £1.05.Wine is like opera. You can enjoy it even if you don't understand it and too much can give you a headache the next day J
  • rlm_3
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    Ooh. This thread has got me thinking. I'm going to Sweden in November, Lisbon next January and LA in June. Any recommendations for bargains?!
  • I love shopping for household stuff while on holiday.I've brought fabulous baking moulds in some lovely designs from Germany,as well as linens and edible cake decorations.
    I also got some beautiful cut/stained glass window mobiles from there too.
    They were a bit more expensive around £45 each but the quality is great and they are very unusual and more important just what I was looking for.
    Three years ago touring round Austria we went to this little village and there was a discount store that sold off stock where for around ten euros I got a set of 6 good quality dessert forks and the little spoons that go with them,eight different silicone cake moulds in lovely designs and 20 pairs of tights :rotfl:.
    I've still got some of those blooming tights left
    In Italy, I always buy the cheeses,dried mushrooms and tomatoes,herbs and oils.Brought some lovely glass tablewear from here too.
    Every couple of years we go to Capri and I always stock up on my favourite tipple the cream version of limoncello and meloncello.
    I've never tasted any as nice as that made in Capri.
    Best thing is if we don't get the man sends it out to us which is great.

    In Tunisia I got loads of spices,almost a pound of saffron for the equivilent of a tenner,gave loads away and still got loads left.I also got some lovely table linens and ornate brass dishes.
    In Turkey I managed to get a tablecloth to cover my rather large dining table for about £11,its huge and beautifully hand embroidered around the edges.I also brought back 10 jars of rose jam which were only a pound each,cheapest I've found here is around £4 for the same weight.
    I do love rose jam :)
    The there was the lovely pomegranite and also the black mulberry wines and the fruit teas.
    I get more excited about the prospect of going shopping abroad than I do the actual holiday since you never know what your'e going to find.
  • bluebag
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    Bennifred wrote: »
    This is like us, lol! I also bring back loads of packs of ziplock bags in various sizes...................:o

    Gosh yes, the Hefty(trademark) bags are the best ever. I wish I knew somewhere to buy them here.
  • No, I don't think you're a saddo, far from it. My parents used to live in Madeira. When visiting, I used to bring back loads of different herbs and spices, Portuguese towels (they used to have some great bright colours which were virtually unobtainable here at the time) and a brilliant cleaning liquid called Fabulosso, which, My Mum tells me, she has been unable to find when she's been back for holidays.

    The Portuguese mainland is good for Fiddes Sardine pate which is gorgeous on toast. I've got some of this in the cupboard which I'm trying to save.

    Cyprus is good for cotton candy.

    I've got some of the olive oil soap too but I've only got 2 bars to last me til next year. Madeira is good for glycerine soap and traditional fennel boiled sweets. |Also, they do a lovely eucalyptus boiled sweet.
  • lola34
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    Is it bad then that I've already googled for the CS near Kissimee;)
  • Kiwisaver_2
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    I dream about my next visit to England so that I can stock up on Marmite, Bisto, Paxo, Galaxy Chocolate, Swiss Vegetable Bouillion, half of Mark$ and $pencer and some bits and bobs from Lakeland. :D
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