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So OS that it's sad?

edited 9 August 2011 at 2:09PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • hoohoo Forumite
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    haha !! love this thread. We bought a vine leaf maker back from turkey. We dont eat a lot of vine leaves but we really sorry for the old man selling them. :rotfl:
  • grandma247grandma247 Forumite
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    JackieO wrote: »
    the starting prices for the quilts were from $1000 upwards:eek::eek::eek: They were beautiful but there is no way I would pay for anything like that for a quilt for my bed

    The thing is it was probably worth at least that amount. Have you any idea of the amount of work that goes into something like that? Or the number of hours that went into it? Very few people want to pay what hand made items are really worth.
  • .............. and what about the HUGE strings of garlic you get tin the local markets ?
  • MaitaneMaitane Forumite
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    JayJay14 wrote: »
    We went to Florida in 2005 for our silver wedding taking just one suitcase between us. We bought another in Walmart while we were there and it came home full of groceries, cereals - fruit loops and lucky charms, choc bars, reese's cups, marshmallow fluff, you name it we shipped it.

    Our 3 (adult!!) children had sent us with a shopping list:rotfl:

    I get Marshmallow Fluff in TK Maxx now. You know, the wonderful nutritious food stuff it is. Especially when scooped out of the jar with Cadbury's Fingers (or equivalent)
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  • lola34lola34 Forumite
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    We go to Florida so do all the shopping while we're there, DS's are getting ipods this Christmas so will save about £40, the other year I got a huge Lego set reduced in Walmart to $9 that was worth £50+, Star Wars dressing up sets for $2.50 and I alwyas get Carmex lipbalm which is about £2+ over here for 99c.
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  • meanmariemeanmarie Forumite
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    The only things I bring back from Italy are salami, pecorino and parmesan cheeses and seeds if I see any that I might not get here, oh and dried mushrooms and unusual dried beans....have brought esprsso cups, my crossover bib and some lovely oilcloth for the outside table, just as well I only take cabin luggage which at 10kg doesn't allow me much extra space!

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  • grandmasamgrandmasam Forumite
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    In germany several times a year [ds3 and family live here] at the moment i am housesitting while they go to uk!! Always take home veg stock powder and chicken stock powder ...59 cents a jar and each jar makes 7 litres. Now my siblings ask me to bring it back for them, this visit have 9 jars to take home.

    Saving for another hound :j
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  • janeym8janeym8 Forumite
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    we came home from USA a few years ago with a potato masher and some shaped sponges specifically for cleaning the george forman grill

    janey xxx
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  • droniddronid Forumite
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    Southern Spain - we bring home large containers of Olive Oil from our village, Chorizo, A whole ham (though must get one of those stands and slicers - it's a pain to handle otherwise) Olives etc. all of which are great value and last us a long time. We also bring back tobacco and brandy as there's some offset for the flight cost for those. I must look into some good value items to bring back to pay for the flights, which would be ideal! Any ideas people?

    I could make it better myself at home. All I need is a small aubergine...

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