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Doyouspain VAT RIP off

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Flights, Currency & Car Hire
Hi all

Just a warning to you all to be very wary of Doyouspain car hire. I recently hired a car from Barcelona through the site, which advertises that all local taxes are included.

On arrival and picking up the car (goldcar) I was advised I had to pay 18% IVA - which I queried but was advised was non negotiable.

For the record I was also asked to pay a further 18euros for a diesal car, and ripped off some 15% for the fuel. I can live with these but was very annoyed by the IVA.

I have tried to contact both doyouspain and Goldcar on my return but neither have bothered to respond. The site still advertises that all local taxes are included. My credit card company cannot take any action as the price was not guaranteed by the actual debitor but by doyouspain.

Please be warned, and if anyone has any suggested action I can take it would be gratefully recieved.

Thanks for reading.



  • I had exactly the same experience just this week with doyouspain and Gold car. I feel totally ripped off and have had no reply to my complaint regarding the extra 18% tax on fuel and unexplained diesel charge. What started as 85 euros became 3x that much with an extra driver, insurance for France, fuel, diesel charge and 18% tax on all of it. I'm just wondering, but has doyouspain changed hands recently? I've used them before without being fleeced. Only thing I can think of doing is to plaster my experience on every review site I can. Doyouspain really do "do you"!

    P.S.They also appear to only have a Spanish contact number which is only on the voucher you get after booking. The website only has email which I dont expect to get a reply from.
  • i too had problems with this company and wrote over and over again and didn't get an reply. however I recieved an email from them about VAT increase and i responded again this time in bold and very large writing and managed to get a reply. it hasn't helped they are refusing to give me a refund on car insurance excess but at least I got an answer not a happy one mind you! warning over the way they work the website says about fully comp insurance but they are not all fully comp it is a rip off.
  • 3 now, as the poster above just slags 'em off in 4 posts.
  • DOYOUSPAIN.COM. Rip-off merchants. This relates to Hotel booking 8/1/2013. Debited twice - Nothing less than theft from my Bank account!! Very unprofessional and offer nil after sales service. Their website told me there had been an error and did not confirm my booking for a Hotel room. No email to confirm either so I booked again. They took the money twice and sent 2 confirmations within 2 minutes of each other. I sent an email straight away to point out error - no reply. I also attempted to tel but the only no. is in Spain - no UK no. Very difficult to get hold of anyone to speak to. When ti did speak to them found them very vague - refused to refund me unless the Hotel refunded them even though this error had nothing to do with me whatsoever, it was their website error. Have made numerous tel calls & emails. They have not keep me informed, have never returned a call or email even though they promised to look into and ring back. I don't believe they have even tried. And still no refunds. Just taken my money and run as far as I can see. They might be a couple of pound cheaper than some other better known sites but if something goes wrong you haven't got a hope of resolving - do yourself a favour and book through someone else.
  • Just a quick update relating to previous post regarding being debited twice for a Hotel reservation. Amazing what an adverse comment on Tripadvisor can achieve! I am now pleased to report refund received and apology accepted - not sure that any of this would have been achieved had I not made the post but still DoyouSpain have honored their committment and made full refund plus a goodwill gesture which is gratefully received to compensate me for my many phone calls I had to make to Spain to chase up this refund. I would like to think this company have now learnt from this experience and will take customer service more seriously in future - lets wait and see!
  • Booked a car with these rip off merchants and never again.Cancelled the hire 10mins after booking as I did not want to use the supplier they assigned(Firefly)I had paid up front to get a better deal(Big mistake)I then found out they had taken my money instantly out of my account.I have try to contact them on several occasions but no reply and still no refund.So be warned ,there prices are cheap but there customer service is none existant.STAY WELL CLEAR
  • I don't understand, you pulled out but they ripped you off, please can you explain further. Was the car not available?
  • No-one has yet mentioned Velcro - the ultimate ripoff
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    I love reading posts by fool's that don't know how to work a microwave, let understand how a website works!

    Complaining about Goldcar I understand, as they will tell u anything to get more money out of u... there job is rip u off!
    as for doyouspain, does the job it needs to do, just helps to have the right user with half a brain using it :)
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