Teacher gifts x 10!! Ideas please



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    Sorry if repeating others but i'm in a rush and haven't read the whole thread lol

    I put a thread on netmums asking similar as my daughters wanted to bake a cupcake and decorate it for their teachers. I got a great response from parents and teachers saying it was a great idea!

    Just don't let on to the kids that it might (probably) get chucked lol

    ETA - Didn't have to read far....the post above me says similar!!
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    Being honest most handmade cakes and biscuits will go in the bin or to the dog. Most teachers are pretty fussy about which houses they would eat food from (I know that seems harsh but it's true).
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    I've got two toddlers who are in different classes within the same pre-school. Between them they have 10 teachers. What token (and by token I mean as cheap as!) gift could I get them?
    I'd rather give them something they could split between them but not coming up with an awful lot.
    Any ideas?

    my son is just about to leave pre school, he too has 6 different 'teachers' who play with him while he's there. (he loves them all) but what i am doing is just get a present for his key worker and a box of biscuits for the table.

    a couple of years ago my daughter had 4 teachers (or 2 teachers and 2 TAs,) i bought 4 flat glass bauble things from a cheapy craft shop and my daughter decorated them with their names on, it probably cost about £7 or £8 in total.

    we've also ordered cards from funky pigeon that my children have chosen and decided what to write inside.
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    Since DD has been in school, the majority of the parents in DD and DS's classes chip in a fiver each and then the whole amount (usually fairly sizeable as there's 30 & 34 children in each class and most parents give) is split with the majority going to the teacher and the rest to the TA's - the parent who did DS's class collection got vouchers and the other parent decided to just give the money. DS's teacher also had a handmade card made by another parent who printed off the class St David's Day photo and put that on the front with "2011" above and the children (reception class) all signed a sticky label each and these were put inside. I saw it yesterday and it was lovely.

    We just find that it's alot easier than having to think of presents for everyone, and the teachers seem to appreciate it. You just have to be organised, and the fact that there are alot of children in each class helps, because it ends up being a tidy sum.

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  • Sorry but I don't agree with giving presents, its all about oneupmanship and like someone said they usually end up with a load of tat, or acres of chocolate they don't want either. A card or even better a personal visit by yourself to the teacher, look them in the eye, shake their hand, smile and thank them genuinely for their help and support throughout the year. Or even more appreciated - join the PTA and show your gratitude that way!
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    I'd probably buy a box of chocolates for the staff room.

    DS is at nursery and I've bought 6 mugs (3 for £1) and I'm going to make up drinking sets with tea bags, a knitted mug hug and some chocolates). Each one will be under a pound.

    DS is at nursery and they staff don't get paid a lot, so its my way of saying thanks for looking after my son,as they are all really nice.
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    A simple 'thank you' from the kids means more to me than any present. The best gift of all is seeing them happily and confidently move up into their next school year, knowing I have done all I can to inspire them to learn.
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    Being honest most handmade cakes and biscuits will go in the bin or to the dog. Most teachers are pretty fussy about which houses they would eat food from (I know that seems harsh but it's true).


    My secrets out. Never truer words said. No-one in their right minds would eat biscuits given by the kid that sits in your class all day picking his nose!!!!
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    My eldest is very difficult and the teachers have bent over backwards this year trying to help him. I'm on the PTA - trying to put something back to the school. The teachers and TAs associated with my children will be getting two small soaps nicely wrapped in tissue paper along with a little thank you card. Just to say I appreciate their hard work.
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