The student panel - amazon vouchers ( email needed)



  • Darren21
    Darren21 Posts: 882 Forumite
    ghbradshaw wrote:
    Cheers for this, just signed up! How often do you get surveys? How long did it take you to reach £23?

    Well... as they are newly set up it is hard to guage exactly how often you will get survey's. It seems that they are getting some good partner's and lots of newspapers are using their survey results so this bodes well!

    I signed up in Oct and got 3 surveys x £1 in October, then I forgot about them until getting a £10 one today! I think it also depends on your profile etc as to if they want you to do a survey - i.e. if you study business & they want geography students you won't get it!

    Here's hoping they go from strength to strength!
  • wirm
    wirm Posts: 5,273 Forumite
    I've moved this to the Students Board, as although its for a voucher its only for students.

  • zodiac
    zodiac Posts: 1,255 Forumite
    Dont you just hate it when people think that you have to be at Uni to be a student. Ive been at college for 3 years and im not going on to Uni because I dont need to (Ive got work in the business that im trained in) but does that make me any less a student than some of my firends who are in their first year at Uni?
    I remember when this was just a little website! :money:
  • lellie
    lellie Posts: 1,489 Forumite
    I signed up in october.. signed up and got the £10.. had 1 more survey then and then had nothing until last week where I had a £2 survey.. they don't seem to come very often - my boyfriend has had the sign up survey and one £1 survey and that's it since october.. pfft.
  • greedybassa
    greedybassa Posts: 109 Forumite
    Do you receive the survey via email, or do you have to log in everytime to recieve it?
    Snootchie Bootchies!
  • Katgoddess
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    I'm an Open University student and don't have an ac addy.

    DAMN. :mad:

    Yes I do. Yipee!!!!!

    But they don recognise the OU.

    DAMN. :mad:

    So I'm pretending I'm at another Uni, and it worked. Am sending a strongly worded email though. ;)

    Panic Over
  • Midas
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    Thanks for this Darren21
  • lellie
    lellie Posts: 1,489 Forumite
    Do you receive the survey via email, or do you have to log in everytime to recieve it?
    you will be sent an email inviting you to do the survey - usually with a password to sign in - yes.
  • Psych_2
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    ot, and completely unethical, but i remember the god ole days when i used to do my amscam, as i used to call it. when amazon would give a £5 voucher in their refer-a-friend campaign, to both the referer and the referee. i used to refer loads of mates, and even myself (the amount of emaila ddress i went through...). in the 3 years at uni, i don't want to think about how much i saved. all i remember is that when they had a sale on, i was getting dvd's and cd's for £2-3 each.
    of course, karma comes back and bites you in the !!!!!!, since i had about half my dvd's get lost/stolen in between term ending, and me returning home.

    sinc ehten, they've discounted the amount, and the minimum purchase. however if you and your mates need to buy textbooks, it's still a very handy way to save a few £.

    Learn from the mistakes of others - you won't live long enough to make them all yourself.
  • zeryx
    zeryx Posts: 64 Forumite
    How unfair, my daughter is a university student but they aren't given any email accounts that allow them to email outside of the university itself :(
    Nice to save.
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