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Great 'things to do before you move house' Hunt



  • megsykins
    megsykins Posts: 210 Forumite
    'I gave the new owners a few sheets of Avery labels pre-printed with our new address to forward anything that fell "between the cracks" during the Royal Mail redirection. There was a surprising amount, as we'd forgotten to change all our magazine subscriptions. Also useful because you will get birthday cards and Christmas cards from people you don't often hear from long after you've moved and stopped the Royal Mail service. We could have just left our address, but the pre-printed labels hopefully made it really quick and easy .
    Ditto this - I told one of the girls at work to do this both to leave at her old place, and then she did some for the new address of the old owner of her new place (to save having to hunt for and write out their new address x20 over next few months) and she'd never even thought of it.
    My Dad did it for us when we were all students and having everything delivered to home. Makes life quicker and easier for everyone!
  • missrlr
    missrlr Posts: 2,192 Forumite
    Seriously consider cost benefit of £100 on 3 burly men and a van ..... You get to pack into boxes and they do the hard work, you check house then they unload you can clean beforee they put stuff into rooms.

    Labels boxes with room names

    When I moved in with hubby we sorted out all furniture then moved all stuff we were keeping into his place packed all stuff we were getting rid off and did car boot sale , what was left we took to tip.

    Covered all cost of moving and £200 credit !!!!!! Bonanza make money moving house
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  • amangons
    amangons Posts: 4 Forumite
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    buy a decent sized plastic box with a lid.

    then put all ur important documents in it and if u can a spare fone charger, with an index in a polly pocket on top. if u can, place this in the boot of the car.
  • tenuissent
    tenuissent Posts: 342 Forumite
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    Labelling boxes with room NAMES is not always clear. When we moved to this house with about 12 rooms, we numbered the rooms on the doors, gave the men a plan of the house with the room numbers on it, and NUMBERED the boxes accordingly. The garage had a number, too.
  • tealady
    tealady Posts: 3,742 Forumite
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    Make sure the beds are up and made ASAP. The last thing you want to find at bedtime is no bed! Then unpack the bathroom stuff (loo roll, bog cleaner, soap and a towel will do for the 1st day. Then get the kettle, mugs and the washing up bowl and liquid out. Meals can be take aways for that day if necessary. Plug in fridge and freezer. Everything else can wait (except perhaps for a change of clothes for the following morning.
    Oh and a pad and paper to list those "things to do" such as reading meters and finding keys. Tick them off as they are done.
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  • ShazB_2
    ShazB_2 Posts: 1 Newbie
    Here is one that i found on another thread that I found rather helpful.

    'I gave the new owners a few sheets of Avery labels pre-printed with our new address to forward anything that fell "between the cracks" during the Royal Mail redirection. There was a surprising amount, as we'd forgotten to change all our magazine subscriptions. Also useful because you will get birthday cards and Christmas cards from people you don't often hear from long after you've moved and stopped the Royal Mail service. We could have just left our address, but the pre-printed labels hopefully made it really quick and easy .

    I had the hoover and a box of cleaning products alongside the usual box of moving essentials (tea, kettle, mugs, loo paper, lightbulbs, dinner for the first night and so on) along with me in the car. It meant I could give the new place a quick once-over before all the heavy furniture was set down.

    I boxed up our most precious sentimental things and gave them to a friend for safekeeping so they didn't get broken or go missing in the chaos of the move.

    I wish I'd remembered to change my Amazon delivery details on one-click. My new parcels were delivered to my old address, duh. This was nearly as bad as my friend who moved from Liverpool to London and then realised she'd left her drycleaning behind, still in the shop!

    I wish I'd packed a few complete changes of clothes so things weren't such a scramble the first few days, before I got the wardrobes sorted. If you were moving at this time of year, extra clothes for unseasonal weather might also be useful. '

    Good tips. But also if you have pets, put them in the cattery or kennels for a few days, so they are away from the stress and you can get sorted before they come to their new home. Save up and pay for removal men, (we have moved ourselves in the past but I would never do it again, let the professionals do it, they are brilliant at it) and for them to pack only cost £200 extra, so not a fortune. My Mum died just before our move, but luckily I had organised removal men and for them to pack, so they did it all. They also give you lists of all the people you need to notify, very helpful as no one gets missed. They started to pack up the house two days before moved so we ate takeaway for a few days, but it made it so easy. On the day, they had the house empty by 10am, so left me plenty of time to clean it before handing in the keys. They then had all the stuff in our new house by 3.30 pm, and brilliantly sorted out. All the correct boxes in the correct rooms, clothes they move on rails, so they put them straight into the wardrobes when they move them in. I had all the kitchen stuff put some where else, so I could clean the kitchen and then put all my things away, so a few more takeaways but it really did help. So what could have been a bad experience at a very sad time was easy to cope with. If you give BT two weeks notice they can change over your phone line and broadband on moving day, no problem.
  • Baby wipes can clean anything. Often found in £1 shops.

    Use the free web service iammoving for redirection as well as Royal Mail. It makes you think about forgotten items - driving license, etc.

    Use a cashback site to price utilities, insurance, etc. I use quidco.

  • aloiseb
    aloiseb Posts: 701 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    We fell into the trap of hiring removal people who we'd actually had BEFORE and they were so rubbish the company had closed down, but then restarted under another name so we didn't know until we saw the men!.....They were so dozy, they didn't even look in the garage or outbuildings when they came round to quote. (a nice low price of course)

    On the day, they sent us a couple of complete numpties who left nearly everything in both places and disappeared for the night....I had to go back the next day and clear the garage myself, into a skip, which did nothing for my blood pressure.

    If I moved again I would use Checkatrade to find a company, and go with somebody with LOTS of relieable references, and probably more expensive, I think.
  • BobbinAlong
    BobbinAlong Posts: 195 Forumite
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    edited 13 July 2011 at 12:57PM
    Take the week before off work and also some time well before that to get on with decluttering and packing. There's a fixed time limit for packing but not for unpacking.

    Label the boxes with detail of the contents, as it took us four weeks to find the knives and forks - emergency dash to Asda - and nearly two years to find the printer's paper support :-(

    If you DIY move, let the fridge and freezer stand for a day before turning them on. Professionals move them so much better. My fridge/freezer had to be replaced after the DIY move which the ex insisted on, but I found DIY a total nightmare and swore I'd never do that again.

    I used a reliable local company for the post divorce move but if you get a removal quote some while before you move, get the chosen company to pop round again in the last few days before you move to confirm the estimate and quantity of goods - I didn't and ours grossly underestimated, ending up with a second lorry AND me hiring a horsebox sized trailer AND then renting the garage back from the new people for a day to do a couple more runs with the trailer. It was still better than the move with the ex!

    If I ever move again I will hire a good quality container or two in a secure storage facility and start loading them a couple of months before the move. At £100 per month it's worthwhile just for the peace of mind and less rushing at the move, especially if downsizing, as you can gradually empty the container and maybe even decorate before you do. They are also useful for temporary additional storage now we're extending and have all the extra stuff from my late mother's place too that had to be cleared quickly for selling.

    We all learn from experience.
  • kittykitten
    kittykitten Posts: 418 Forumite
    I'm (hopefully, touch wood) moving soon. I'm actually on my way to see my solicitor in half an hour! So this is all very appropriate. Difference being, I'm a first time buyer, and am moving out of my parents house. I own nothing in the way of furniture, although seem to be inheriting various bits and pieces from relatives.

    I know the 2 most important things I need to order when I get the keys are a sofa and a bed, as I own neither (not taking my current bed, before anyone suggests it) and am not willing to order these until I have the keys in my hand. I've started stockpiling various bits and pieces, and intend to move over a period of time, it'll take as long as it takes.

    But does anyone who's moved in this way have any suggestions as to the important things to remember? Things like redirecting mail, labelling boxes for removal men, etc obviously don't apply to me, and I'll have family help to move stuff gradually, but I'm still really nervous about this so all advice appreciated!
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