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'Shop staff quoted nonsense rights at me...' blog discussion



  • MoneySavingMamma
    onlineo wrote: »
    I bought a wool jumper from Debenhams (Sheffield Meadowhall) about 3 weeks ago in the sale. 2 strands of wool were hung loose, so it looked bad, however my girlfriend knew she could fix it in less than 5 mins. As it was the last one in the store I bought it and got a £2.50 discount. Anyway the sales women then scribbled all over both labels inside the jumper and told me I could not bring it back under any circumstances, which makes me feel like I'm wearing a really cheap jumper.

    Had I known she was going to scribble all over it so as to prove to me I couldn't return it I wouldn't have bought it.

    Anyway Im over it now, just wont shop there for a year or two.

    That is Debenhams training I'm afraid!

    I sold a trench coat to a very elderly lady which had a button missing, she got 10% off & was told by my supervisor no returns.
    She came back 2days later with a different problem & was refused refund. Very upset old lady. She came back with daughter and supervisor finally gave in as 'goodwill gesture'
    At the time I just thought they were being mean, not that their refusal was illegal!
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  • rickbonar
    rickbonar Posts: 448 Forumite
    I think this needs to feature on the BBC Watchdog TV programme and Debenhams a nationwide court test cases set to name and shame them in the TV and press.
  • I_luv_cats
    I_luv_cats Posts: 14,441 Forumite
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    I was told by an outsourced call centre it was my fault for not researching a product enough / I was too late as I only had 14 days to return the product / I should sue the company! They even suggested amending the product and thus invalidating the warranty!!

    In the end reluctantly the agent put me through to cust services who agreed the product wasn't fit for my purpose and agreed a refund.

    I used references from MSE and Which to argue my case!! I had tried to make the product more usable without success.
  • gadgetmind
    gadgetmind Posts: 11,130 Forumite
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    I just had a good one from Evans Cycles. I bought a bike from them about nine months ago, and spent nearly £300 to have a fancy dynamo lighting system on it. The front light has broken twice, the rear light twice, and the bracket on the front light three times!

    The manufacturer (Brompton) have supplied replacement lights and brackets but are now saying that they won't do so in future. Evans say that there is nothing they can do as they are "just the middlemen".

    Time for Evans to have a lesson in the Sales of Goods Act, but Brompton also need to clean up their act. UK roads are pretty unforgiving, and I commute on the bike every day. Design it bomb-proof, guys, and stand behind your product!

    I thought that the £300 was an investment for the future, and would mean that I always had reliable lights without having to fiddle around with batteries. It seems my money was wasted.
    I am not a financial adviser and neither do I play one on television. I might occasionally give bad advice but at least it's free.

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  • cit_k
    cit_k Posts: 24,812 Forumite
    How many millions does martin make?

    And he could not leave that garment alone for a poorer person to get a chance of a discount?
    [greenhighlight]but it matters when the most senior politician in the land is happy to use language and examples that are simply not true.
    The impact of this is to stigmatise people on benefits,
    and we should be deeply worried about that
    [/redtitle](house of lords debate, talking about Cameron)
  • danothy
    danothy Posts: 2,200 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    cit_k wrote: »
    How many millions does martin make?

    And he could not leave that garment alone for a poorer person to get a chance of a discount?

    I guess he practises what he preaches.

    Also, you don't stay rich by wasting your money.
    If you think of it as 'us' verses 'them', then it's probably your side that are the villains.
  • MoneySavingMamma
    If Martin wasted money & bought products obviously cheaper elsewhere & this was repoted on, the whole site could fall apart!
    Who would want a leader (Or role model...) who doesn't practise what they preach?
    :j - DS - 7
    :A 2011
    :j - DS - 1 (threatened mc for months!)
    :A - ectopic? Feb 2013
    :o - PG EDD Nov 2013
  • dan_1976_2
    I bought a pair of childrens boots at a national store and paid £16.00 for them.

    My son wore them to school for less than two weeks and the material on teh outside of the foot wore away to the extent that there was a hole in the material.

    When I returned them to the store to ask for a refund on the basis that the shoes were of substandard quality the asssistant manager stated that, because the material had worn through rather than there being a seam that had split the reason for the fault was that my son was not wearning the shoes properly (???) even suggesting that he had been standing on the outside of the shoe ratehr then the sole.

    He referred me to trading standards (who only deal with criminal issues apparently) and their webpage directed me to citizens advice consumer helpline.

    I was advised to return to the store and quote the 1979 sale of goods act and the shoes have now being sent away to "quality control" for testing.

    My question is, if the quality control department decide that it was incorrect usage (which i strongly contest, my son has never worn shoes out in this manner before) do I still have a case against them for selling me a substandard item? and who can I ask to make this judgement?
  • Who
    I work for a manufacturer/distributor and many times we get consumers ringing us direct for a replacement item because they have no receipt and the store have said "you can try the manufacturer they may help" this is very annoying and a big fat pass the book.
    When we explain we cannot offer replacements/refunds many consumers get irate and angry.
    We have to place our contact details on packaging and consumers assume this means we will offer replacements/refunds direct.
  • zoominatorone
    Am I right in thinking that stores are only legally obliged to offer a guarantee for 6 months, but some chose to extend it to a full 12 months?
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