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hi..... i have heard somewhere on t.v that they have forecasted.. bad snow blizzards... by the end of december
( do they ever get the weather right :confused: )

with being on a tight food shopping budget..... plus trying to use most things up before doing a big shop....

with this latest weather prediction... it got me thinking about what foods i should never leave go too low, at this time of the year ...becuase of bad weather.....

you know what its like .....a few snow flurries... and the shops have sold out of bread.... fresh/longlife and powdered milk.....

i can remember the real bad snow of the 80's and we were really lucky we had only just bought a freezer.. so my mother had done a novelty shop, and the freezer was full...

i know things have changed since then....

but i was hopeing that maybe some peeps could let us know what they have for emergancies...

i know i stock pile and bulk buy, but that's mainly non-food items that dont go off....

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  • Rikki
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    I have pasta, tinned soups, tinned meat etc

    I have a gas hob so no problems getting a hot meal if the power goes off.
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  • elaine373
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    Good thread after what the weather did in our area.I thought the world was ending with the rain,thunder and winds. I looked out into my garden and swa massive hail stones on my children`s trampoline! This has made em think about what essentials we need when the weather restricts us from going out.
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  • Uniscots97
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    I normally keep long life milk (2 cartons, I don't take milk in tea or coffee), a few tins of soup, lentils (great for making soup or casseroles etc), kidney beans, chick peas, tin of chopped tomatoes, packet of dutch crispbakes (love them and they last ages), baked beans, cheese and a tin of hot chocolate powder. Though have a family member staying with me at the moment (who is driving me nuts :mad: he's so inconsiderate and thinks its ok to take over my house even though I'm doing him the favour taking him in after he was made homeless!) so I'll probably have to revise my list.

    Also non-food items I keep are candles (loads), batteries and torches.
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  • emmaBZ
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    hi just wondering where abouts you are ?? havnt heard nothing about snow ?
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  • emmaBZ wrote:
    hi just wondering where abouts you are ?? havnt heard nothing about snow ?

    i live in south wales......( swansea area ) but i am sure they said it was for all the country...

    but at the mo...i am taking it with a pinch of salt....but it has made me think about emergency essentials......

    i normally hate long life milk.....and only drink fresh....

    if i remember rightly you can freeze semi skimmed ( that's what we drink) so might put some in the freezer for my emergency stash.....

    got loads of candles...scented ones anyway as i allways pick some up when i seen them reduced down or in a bootsale for 10p ish....

    we are a family of 4 and 2 greedy kittens... and one huge spoilt doberman ( stupid dog of doppyness) so i should imagine i need to stock pile some tins of pet food...
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  • gooismeid
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    Want to know if it'll be a white Christmas where you are? Check out the white Christmas snow-ometer here:
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  • lil_me
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    Candles are a must where I live, we get regular power cuts unfortunately, never more than 6-8 hours. I haven't got a gas cooker so it does leave us slightly snookered, but a chip shop a couple of villages away uses coal so that comes in handy, but not ideal of course. The local shop is pretty good at still going for stock when it's bad, but sometimes it just gets too dangerous with the country roads around here, but we have the 4x4 so I should be able to get somewhere. I always get a warning when the shop my Mam works in can't get any more bread and she usually grabs me some when she is at work. I tend to stock up on bread etc, basics in the cupboards, freeze a carton or 2 of milk (can't stand UHT) but other than that we've usually managed.
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  • according to the above link..... i have a 45% chance of snow at christmas:D

    hi lil_me....what part of the country do you live ?
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  • jcr16
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    45 % for me and i on the isle of wight. although i doubt it. would be fantastic.

    as for me i always keep about 10 boxes of the uht milk in. i have always got loads of pasta in , lots of tins of things, i alwasy keep bottles of drink in , bags of mince in freezer, i have a bread maker so i keep loads of flour in and yeast. plus a box of chocolate snacks. also loads of tea bags.
  • Icemaiden
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    It was on the news last night:eek: apparently we are in for 2 months of snow & heavy blizzards.
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