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Who's your dream UK political Chancellor?

It's a year this week since the last general election. The economy still dominates the political discourse now as it did then. Recent memory has seen all three major parties in office. Which of the following politicians would best improve the UK economy?

[FONT=&quot]Pick your dream political Chancellor…[/FONT]

Danny Alexander
Ed Balls
Gordon Brown

Vince Cable
David Cameron
Ken Clarke
Nick Clegg
Ed Miliband
George Osborne


  • Martin Lewis? :rotfl:
  • I voted for George Osborne, I wouldn't call him my dream chancellor but he is the best of that list (just my opinion, I know lots of people will disagree with me !)
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  • pinkfluffybabepinkfluffybabe Forumite
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    None of the above :D
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  • debbycukdebbycuk Forumite
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    I would go for Bruister - "None of the Above"

    The only 'dream' that lot would appear in would involve cold sweats!
    I have a new claim to fame :D I spoke about the Olympics ticket fiasco on Martin's daybreak slot :money:
  • ailuro2ailuro2 Forumite
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    Alex Salmond - seems to be doing a fine job up here, getting rid of prescription charges, freezing council tax and not imposing Uni fees up to £9K a year... he must be doing something right somewhere... don't think you'd be able to persuade him to be a Chancellor though, seems quite happy running the country up here for the moment.:D
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  • Blue_EddieBlue_Eddie Forumite
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    Wot, no Bismarck?
  • Coveredinbees!!!!Coveredinbees!!!! Forumite
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    I can't believe Gordon Brown got so many votes, what are you people on!!!
    Nothing to see here, move along.
  • TigsteroonieTigsteroonie Forumite
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    I, too, wanted an option of "None of the above".
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  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    I deliberately avoided a 'none of the above' option as I knew it'd win hands down. This is about political figures - afterall only they can be chancellor (barring a revolution)
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  • MJL81MJL81 Forumite
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    Their's a wealth of difference between what I personally would like, my political ideology and what I think would run the country into the ground.

    I voted Ken Clarke mainly on ideology, but don't forget that Gordon didn't do that bad a job of balancing the books given the restrictions. Making the treasury work shouldn't be confused with policy making at number 10.
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