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  • N9eav wrote:
    Where shall I get my wine for Christmas? Threshers 40% off, but sainsbury has 25% off 6 or more, and I can get my friends staff discount on top, but then there is tescos offer.....

    Don't forget Quidco
  • This week has been one of those for me, I promised myself not to get my debit card next to my computer.

    Have you ever been going to these marketing sites and kept spending just a few dollars for a software program and then it leads to another to another. Well, that was my week this week.

    But in the long run, each piece is another step to the puzzle. But, I think that it could become quite addictive... spending money to save money.

    Now that is a thought. I used to have a lot of fun explaining how I saved money by spending it on let's say a dress that was on sale. On a final note, I have saved a whole bunch of grocery money lately which is good.
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    Yep , me too. Have not needed to fill a trolley at ASDA for over 10 days....Just a pint of milk or loo rolls...... Might even save some this month... But I do have this urge to buy something. I have not even looked at the sales yet due to work, but watch out on Tuesday!!!;)
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