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  • It is great saving money and being mean but remember to put it towards something truly worthwhile if you have money left over. No point in leaving a fortune to your offspring if it has brought you hardship to do so. Life is too short to not enjoy it. I like to save the pennies and let them grow into pounds. Then I like to spend them on something truly worthwhile. I always find that it is the small stuff that the money can be frittered away on, not the big stuff.I am rather mean with everydaay spending but when it comes to buying a new appliance or something I buy exactly what I want at the best price-I do not buy the cheapest bit of tack I can find. I believe this to be the essence of MSE. Money Spent Efficiently!
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
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    MSE Money Spent Easily.. It's frightening how low my bank balance got this week from how much it started with. I might have saved a few quid here and there, but it went out of the pocket somewhere else.
    When I did wait and shop around it went oput of stock! Bah Humbug
    NO to pasty tax We won!!!! Just shows that people power works! Don't be apathetic to your cause!
  • Yes, I can relate to money-saving addiction. I get such a buzz from a real bargain, and nothing like the same pleasure from paying up for anything.

    The question "Do you really need it, or do you just want it?" is something I struggle with. What do any of us actually need, that costs money, beyond the basics - shelter, warmth, clothes and food? I could probably manage for decades without buying any more clothes, apart from underwear, for example. I don't actually need Sky, a microwave, a dvd player - or to be more radical, a TV, a washing machine, a car. A computer IS an essential though!

    I still manage to support charities and give presents to children in the family without too much strain, but in other areas I'm definitely in trouble. Bet I can make more cups of tea from one teabag than you can ;)
  • I have a problem with this addiction too - up to 3am last night surfing for ways to shave off a quid or two from an order. The thing that bothers me is the time spent away from the family etc. Time has a cost too of course. One thing that sometimes helps me decide how long to spend on things; price up the time it takes for you to get a saving. If you spend two hours saving two pounds, that is a pound an hour and that time could seriously have been devoted to doing something nicer or more profitable. You should have given up after 20 minutes. Spend 10 hours saving 50 quid and this is a more respectable £5 an hour you are paying yourself for your hobby! Hope this helps. Just have to start taking my own advice now...
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    Yep I'm addicted.

    The four current accounts I hold can testify to that :confused:
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    I have given up on some of it, like all the bank deals, I just stuck with the one for the moment. But in a few weeks I will; be shopping about for a new mobile contract, and trying to get the SKY package reduced again... it's so worrysome
    NO to pasty tax We won!!!! Just shows that people power works! Don't be apathetic to your cause!
  • That's one of the things I want to do....get the Sky Package reduced.
    It is not humanly possible to watch soo many channels anyway, is it?.
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    I found a bargain in the M&S online sales (Kids jeans for £3!) I grabbed 4 pairs and then spent 10 minutes trying to find a discount code that actually worked for free postage... When I went to finally check out with my hand rubbing bargains they had become unavailable!! Some old granny had nicked them out of my basket when I weren't looking!! There's a lesson there.....Somewhere, I'm sure??!
  • Im addicted, so much so that ive realised tonight that since i paid of my loan early in October (£1900) Ive managed to save nearly £1000!!!! (thats through saving the money I would have spent on the loan, and cancelling direct debits to stuff I no longer use, ie dvd rental, gym membership)

    Luckily I had bought all my presents throughout the year mostly sale items (and this was before I stumbled across MSE) so didnt have to spend alot out in December

    Trying to save as much as possible for my holiday next year as I booked a trip to China which is costing nearly £2000 (not very MSE)

    As my signature says I am now debt free and my resolution next year will be to ask myself "do I need it or do I want it before" every purchase!
    finally debt free and want to keep it that way!!
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    That's one of the things I want to do....get the Sky Package reduced.
    It is not humanly possible to watch soo many channels anyway, is it?.

    Well looking at this Christmas TV , you need all 999 channels just to find something decent to watch. I have had half price full package for 12 months now, and I would never pay full price for it again.

    Wurley.... That is the main addiction problem, there is fine line between grabbing a bargain and waiting too long to try and get it even cheaper... Sometime you have to say, Yep that's the best deal..... and then you find it cheaper 10 mins later elsewhere:rotfl: . They say your first loss is your best loss, in business, but your first discount is your best discount does not work. This Christmas I have to pat myself on the back that I got some things at all. Nintendo DS were very scarce in Cornwall, and seeing my daughter enjoy hers over Christmas was worth the few pennies extra.
    NO to pasty tax We won!!!! Just shows that people power works! Don't be apathetic to your cause!
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