Real Life MMD: Should I ask for the cash back?



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    I don't see any dilemma here. Why wouldn't you ask her?

    Why would asking her risk loosing the friendship? I think you are probably being very unfair to your friend here.

    If you ask her and she doesn't want to be your friend because of it, she never was your friend.
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  • lurvlyloz
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    i think that she probably forget...especially seeing as she was ill.

    just ask her for it. your an adult you should be able to do these kind of things! x
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  • JoannaS_3
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    Firstly I'm not sure why this would 'risk ruining your friendship'?!

    She asked you to use your money in place of hers and would pay you back so why do you have a prblem asking for what is yours?!

    Grow a pair and say you owe me £20 for blah blah's birthday can I please have it??!!!! She probably forgot all about it and will have no problem giving it back! If she does she's not a friend and you are better off without her!!

    "Dilemma" solved!!! :T
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  • warehouse
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    Bit of a silly question really. Do you think anyone is going to say "forget the money" on a money saving forum?
  • chog24
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    Absolutely! It doesn't matter if she couldn't make it on the day, she made a verbal commitment to go in on the gift and so her verbal commitment was counted into the price of the gift so she owes the money.

    Whether you feel the need to "risk the friendship" (though if it's irrevocably damaged over something like this it's not much of a friendship, really) I guess it depends on how much you are missing the money. If we were talking about a fiver, I'd probably let it slide for the sake of a quiet life, but twenty quid's a lot of money. Imagine if you'd all put in a hundred each... or a thousand!
  • And your dilemma is? Your friend agreed to contribute, so just ask her for the money. Simple. What's there to lose friendship over?
  • I think you can say goodbye to your £20.

    I would never put in £20 for someone else. A fiver, possibly, but £20 no. It's far too tempting for them to forget about it. Next time, just say you only have your contribution on you. If the others peek in your purse/wallet, say you need that money for yourself til the end of the week.
  • Losinmoney wrote: »
    I think you can say goodbye to your £20.

    I would never put in £20 for someone else.

    It's a shame when people have been let down so often they can't even trust their friends to do the right thing...

    As others here have said - just ask her, she's probably just forgotten about it :)
  • SpaceMagic
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    Of course you can ask for your money back. Do it over coffee, or something. It's a purely innocent question, "Oh, by the way, do you have that £20 for XXXX's present?"

    She agreed to it, so she has to pay.
  • gaily
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    'she said she'd pay me at the party' ... 'Should I ask her for the money and risk losing her friendship?'

    Why would the friendship be at risk - it's not like you didn't have the conversation in advance.
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