Just When You Think Your Credit Worthy...Wham!!!!!!

Hi Guys,

I have been trying to build my credit up for some time now. I use creditexpert.co.uk (which is experian) as way to view my score and find out if I am eligible for credit deals.
Last time I checked my score I was pleased to see that I had moved from poor to fair(721).
Credit expert informed me that I could be eligble for a Barclaycard Gold credit card.
Needless to say I applied online and was shocked when the message came "Congradulations your application has been successful".
The message went on to say that I would recieve my card in the next 5 days simply phone to activate it I was so pleased.
I have a Capital one card but to have a Barclaycard, I thought I am definately moving in the right direction.
3 days after this happening I recieved a letter from Barclaycard informing me that my new credit card account had been closed (I havnt even got my card).
What the hell is going on. I immiediately checked my credit score again to find it had decreased by 150 points and am now back in the poor category.
Can any body tell me whats going on, can I appeal and if so is it worth it!
Can I have my score rectified?
I am at a loss as to whats happened and have managed my finances with care for so long to improve my score and then WHAM!!!
Punch in the face from Barclaycard:mad:


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