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Christmas pudding in slow cooker is it possible?

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Christmas pudding in slow cooker is it possible?

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
Could someone please confirm that it is possible to cook Christmas Puddings in a Slow Cooker. Common sense tells me that it is possible but never having made one before, I have recipes but can't see the point of putting pudding to cook on hob if I use the slow cooker on high to simmer. Has anybody out there done it? Sorry such a long post - I know I do go on a bit! Just need reassurance!!!


  • I've never done it but a friend at work does her Christmas pudding in her slow cooker every year. is not of more importance than daily life, which I have an enduring wish to make as useful and beautiful as possible.

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  • mogginsmoggins Forumite
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    It's very possible and makes for a lovely moist pudding.
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  • RikkiRikki Forumite
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    I always cook mine in the slow cooker. :)

    I just fill the slowcooker with a 1/3 of water and stand the pudding in it. Cook on Auto. Occassionally check the water level.
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  • super41super41 Forumite
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    Yes it is! I made ours in it last year & it was superb! Recipe from my slowcooker book.
  • thriftlady_2thriftlady_2 Forumite
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    Yes, I've done mine in the SC this year and last year. I stood the basin on a biscuit cutter and poured water up to about a third of the way up the basin. I cooked it on low for 8 hours. I shall reheat it in the SC on Christmas day.
  • dianasnandianasnan Forumite
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    Yes, it makes the most lovely dark and moist puds, I made 2 yesterday and gave them about 8 hrs each. Usually make them in July but was a bit late this year. Have even made them using value dried fruit and butter and they were lovely.
  • Thank you all for your help - I can now go ahead - slow cooker will be producing one tomorrow, well perhaps two - I might have to taste one! only just to make sure of course!
  • hi

    was wondering how long the xmas pudding would take to warm up in the slow cooker on xmas day and wether to put it on high or low?

    meant to say its a 2lb pudding

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  • Money_makerMoney_maker Forumite
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    Hi guys,

    Christmas dinner for us all today (long story).

    Have a shop bought Christmas pud, says to steam/boil for 2 hours.

    How long would this be in the slow cooker and do I need to put a trivet underneath?

    Many thanks from a seriously stressed cook :D
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  • ariba10ariba10 Forumite
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    It is not a thing I would put in a slow cooker.

    Why not slice it into portions and give it one or two minutes in the microwave.
    I used to be indecisive but now I am not sure.
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