What is the best change you have made in your DFW journey?



  • tealady
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    I found that treating the debt repayments as a bill to be paid helped. It meant that I had to work with what I had rather than putting things on plastic. When I see the debt that friends are in because they wanted things NOW I am glad I have (mostly) stuck with it. Also "tantric shopping" helped ie waiting a day or so when I saw something I thought I wanted, usually after waiting a while I realised I didn't. IYSWIM
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  • I think my biggest realisation was doing an SOA and realising how much money I'd have every month if I wasn't paying off all this debt! I think so many off us overspend by a small amount each month, which becomes a large amount, and before you know it you're living on a pittance because everything else is being sucked up in repayments and interest. Just the thought of all the things I could do if I was saving this £700 a month instead of giving it to banks and credit cards... makes me sad but also glad that I've learnt this lesson the hard way.
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    Having NSD days. I used to "have" to spend money every day...I felt at a loss if I hadn't made at least once purchase...even if it was only a magazine or a takeaway. Now I get a buzz from No-Spending-Days...the more, the better! :) x
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  • Flash-bang
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    Although I'm fairly new at this, I have lurked and had mini-lightbulb moments.
    1. Reading up on OFT guidelines, bailiffs rules and consumer rights and using them when I needed to.
    2. Actually getting started - sorting out the big box I used to dump my bills in.
    3. Starting our DMP - early days.
    4. Realising that it was actually cheaper for me to have a cheap car than get the train to work - and it cut my journey time to 20 mins each way rather than 1h 30!
    5. Creating the 'Folder of Joy', where I put the paperwork from any debt we have paid off, with a front page which lists the amounts cleared. It's great for times when I am beating myself up over not making progress and reminds me how much we have already done.
    6. Reading all the brilliant ideas on here! :j
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    One BIG thing for me is checking my bank account nearly daily rather than sticking my head in the sand and hoping there will be enough left in there to cover my outgoings... some months that worked, some months it led to hefty charges!!

    My budgets never entirely work out to plan as much as I try, so by checking my balance regularly I can see what DDs/SOs are still to go out, and how much I have left over.
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    A couple of things have been great!
    • Reducing my Overdraft for the first time in about 8 years!
    • And I'll agree heavily with another poster earlier on - knowing what i know about finances. I recently refused a Credit Card interest hike and they've now frozen my interest at the old rate. The account is now 'closed' with just the balance to be paid as I already do until it's clear. I didn't even know you could refuse these things while there was an outstanding balance before I came on here!
    It's great seeing what help there is and I find this site keeps me on the straight and narrow. I genuinely see a way out now. It's an uphill struggle but I know I can do it!:wink:
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    I like this thread :)

    1. Checking my bank every day.

    2. Changing my attitude to spending.

    3. Not being embarassed to say no to nights out etc. It's amazing when you admit to friends, that you are skint or trying to pay something off, how many of them are in the same situation!!

    4. Getting OH on board with saving for a mortgage deposit and having focus.

    5. Not being frightened to open the post.

    6. Leaving all but my "everyday" debit card at home. I opened a second current account and pay into it, my monthly spends. I leave all other cards at home so I can't be tempted :)
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