What is the best change you have made in your DFW journey?



  • naimone
    naimone Posts: 26 Forumite
    edited 16 March 2011 at 10:10AM
    Even though some outstanding debt remains I enjoy the feeling of self-reliance and control since I started my journey towards debt free status. Up to the time of my lightbulb moment there was a constant feeling of chasing my debt and never really catching up. I never really considered that it was entirely up to me to proactively deal with my debt.

    Next month should finally show a positive figure at bottom of my spreadsheet. That is, my liquid funds will be greater than my outstanding credit. Not debt free but it will be a significant milestone. Nice to know that I could pay off everything if needed. Even better will be when I can say that my credit cards are "min-ed out" and my savings are my own. Also better is that I am still able to continue renovating my home because I am fully aware of my finances day-to-day.

    All thanks to Martin, his team, and the guidance of others on this forum.
    Debt balance at LBM, 6/6/2008 = £13,946.53 +£14,000 fixed term loan
    plus brand new car and bathroom since then.
    Proud to have dealt with my debts
    Debt free target date 25/12/2012
    Debt free date 25/5/2012
  • bestrong
    bestrong Posts: 26 Forumite
    I find the biggest change for me is going through the fear barrier and finding that things get better without me expecting them to.

    I lurked on these forums for about two to three years before plucking up the courage to do a dmp. The hassle and the phone calls started around October November time 2010 and my first dmp payment did not go out until the 25th February 2011. But now all of a sudden I am through that pain barrier and I dont even have to worry about the debt any more. I know that four and a half years down the line I will be free of it job and circumstances permitting and even if I lose my job I know I will handle that.

    The next challenge for me is to face up to the reason why I am in such debt in the first place. I went to a meeting of Gamblers Anonymous last night and didnt have the courage to walk through the door. But I know if I can go into that meeting next week or take the help that is being offered I can begin to conquer those dark thoughts that drive me to engage in such compulsiveness. It doesnt help that BF and I have split up last week because he cant make a commitment. So I am having a bit of a hard time of it. But I have to find the courage to do it. Say a prayer for me xx
  • Well done for taking the first steps bestrong! As for the GA, it's just another little step (walking through the door) and if you think about how much it took for you to take those first steps, and how much better you feel now, walking through the door won't seem such a big deal. You are having a tough time, but you're doing something about it and for that you should be immensely proud of yourself :T
    Thinking of you XXX
  • My big change was telling myself that my friends aren't my friends because I spend the same amount as them! Sounds silly, but it's so easy to think "if I don't go out to dinner and split the bill with all my employed friends I'll miss out on the fun, I'll lose them and then I'll be alone so I'll just ignore the gas bill that needs to be paid and worry about it later, stick it on the credit card and pay it off when I'm 50." If your friends are really your friends they'll understand if you tell them what's going on.
  • bestrong
    bestrong Posts: 26 Forumite
    Thank you very much for your encouraging words, bare foot hippy. Love your posting name. When I were a slip of a lass, I was a bit of a hippy chick with a punk hair do.

    I will keep at it. Baby steps and trying count for a lot dont they. You are right. I have come a long way. I will keep posting. Hugs xxx
  • Superbiatch
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    Very simple but practical, I stopped taking the debit card out and withdrew an amount out of the bank each month and would my take my weekly budget for my purse, the rest was put in a kitchen cupboard for the following weeks. Now i've been staying in my OH's for the last 3 weeks due to a few reasons and ventured home last night for the first time - to find £20 in the cupboard I'd completely forgotten about :D
    LBM: 22.12.2010 :j Self-managed DMP start 29.1.2011
    DMP Mutual Support Thread No: 413
  • Cyril
    Cyril Posts: 583 Forumite
    Realising good friends don't care whether you have a new car or the latest mulberry handbag.

    So much debt is created by thinking we have to keep up with our friends.

    Also I don't want to be retired with all the time to do what I want with no money to fund it, so for me its not so much about clearing debts but spending wisely to fund things later. I don't want all the time in the world and only being able to afford to watch day time tv.
  • Logie143
    Logie143 Posts: 228 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Quitting Smoking.

    replaced smoking with a gym membership (and still saved alot of money)

    Feel so much healthier and more alive. Not smoked for 6 weeks now :-)
    Wise man once say "When in hole, don't dig"
  • IDProtected
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    Changing ALL my accounts to online accounts. It is now so much easier to keep a daily check and avoid nasty surprises. Also very easy to transfer odd little amounts here and there - whereas I'd have felt silly going in to the branch to pay 10p off the mortgage, I can do it at home with no-one to laugh at me. And it's more than 10, it's 10p plus years of interest!
    Owed @ LBM, including mtg: £85961.15, As of 1st August 2016: £14481.01 :j
    September 2016; out of debt and have savings for the saddest reason. RIP Aunty, I'll never forget you:(

    Never begin a sentence with "And". Unless you are the Goo Goo Dolls that is.
  • Hannah_10
    Hannah_10 Posts: 1,774 Forumite
    Not feeling the need to compete anymore and consequently liking my life. An example is having a tatty old car and actually liking it, because I know it's a good car for what I paid for it. I bought that car for about a tenth of what I would have paid for a car that still wasn't "good enough" before my LBM.
    I refuse to be afraid of the big bad wolf, spiders, or debt collection agencies; one of them's not real and the other two are powerless without my fear.
    (Ok, one of them is powerless, spiders can be nasty.)

    As of the last count I have cleared
    [STRIKE]23.16%[/STRIKE] 22.49% of my debt. :(
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