What is the best change you have made in your DFW journey?



  • Like most said, budgeting and actually accurately deciding on outgoings, none of the 'I stick it on the card and pay later'. I have even managed to have a little emergency savings fund. Not a lot in it as I am on a DMP but realising I can live on 'x' and don't need to spend every day.
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  • I love this thread!
  • Naomim
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    Very similar to you Tink, meal planning has helped loads and a savings account where I save for the usual car repairs, mot, insurance etc - I keep a spreadsheet with different "pots" for each thing I need to pay out for. Also cash for my weekly spending rather than debit card.

    Naomi x
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    stop using credit cards and accepting help and not judging my self woth by my credit score!!!!
  • MiaowMiaow
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    the realisation that i can actually do something about it and thinking about all of the small savings as massive impacts on my future :-) and telling myself i will do it!! definitely agree with the whole mindset thing.
  • there are two things ive changed that have helped alot,
    one is taking our weekly budget out on a monday, knowing that that is all we have for a week makes us realise how much we used to spend on rubbish we're alot better at sVING and only buying what we need.
    the second is to make a list of what you need before you go food shopping and stick to it this has saved us soooo much!
    great thread by the way ;)
    Finally had the "lightbulb moment" now facing up to debts :o
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    Looking forward to a fresh new year, Happy 2012!!:hello:
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    all good ideas everyone! think i need more commitment and motivation! loving reading all the ideas tho everyone keep em coming - im starting a spending diary NOW!!!!
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  • The best thing that feeds into the rest of the month is sitting down when we get paid and working out how much we have left after all our bills are paid and then what we need to spend money on over the rest of the month. Tight budgets for food and fuel. The rest on savings or debts. So we have enough money to live on all month rather than dreading looking at our accounts by the end of the second week because we've just spent it all! As a consequence we understand how much we were wasting and that by budgeting the world literally is our oyster!
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  • Malky
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    The main thing that keeps me going is the difference between wanting something and needing something.
    In the past month, if I'd gone ahead and bought things I wanted then I'm sure I would be over £2K in debt by now. Instead, I probably spent less than £100 on things I actually ended up needing.
  • Lucy1010
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    I love this thread!

    Yes! Me too :)
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