What is the best change you have made in your DFW journey?


I was just wondering what is the best change you made in your DFW journey? either mind wise or practically. It can be big or small - im just looking for some inspiration really and would love to hear about things that have helped people! mine so far is meal planning and having separate bank accounts for different things as it is helping me manage my money so much better!

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  • bluebag
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    The best change was my attitude, realising that having no money didn't make me poor. It made me strong.
  • Packed lunches for work and leaving my purse at home so I cant be tempted by the local shops at lunchtime!!!
  • foxgloves
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    Keeping in mind my formula for getting & staying debt-free, which is this:
    "If I have to put it on a credit card, take out a loan or go into overdraft to buy whatever it is, then that's someone else's money, not mine, so I obviously can't afford it".
    "For each of our actions there are only consequences" (James Lovelock)"For in the true nature of things......every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold & silver" (Martin Luther King Jnr)
  • Mrs_Jojo
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    Simply the decision to pay the debt off, and the realisation that doing so is possible!

    Tied into that are all sorts of things like meal planning, taking lunch into work, car-sharing etc. but the big change is seeing the possibilities!

    (NB: not popping into Mr T's every night after work and spending £20 is also having a MASSIVE impact!)
    Aiming to be debt & mortgage free by November 2018!
  • Jinx
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    Stopping using credit cards.....I couldnt be trusted....

    Finding a tightwad hubby, keeps me on the straight n narrow lol

    Standing orders for paying debts, cant forget and its just done automatically

    I think the most important thing was finally realising I couldnt go on like this and starting my DMP - lightbulb moment was truly an epiphany!!
    Light Bulb Moment - 11th Nov 2004 - Debt Free Day - 25th Mar 2011 :j
  • Getting a handle on income and outgoings.

    Reducing outgoings as far as possible.

    Budgeting (accurately)!

    Drawing cash for weekly spend - once it's gone it's gone!

    But biggest change? My attitude to money, debt and wastefull spending.

    DF :grin:
  • Tink_04
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    I think a lot of people attitude changing is making a massive difference - im not sure if im still in denial or just not trying hard enough but i find im full of good intentions that dont last - think i might look through my online banking and find out what money ive wasted and see if that wakes me up a lil more!!!
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  • mi_jardin
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    Getting out of the mindset of going out on my days off. I don't HAVE to go to the garden centre for a look around, and inevitably buy something, or I don't HAVE to go to the supermarket for that milk, I can make it last until a day I am at work and can get it without spending the extra money and fuel.
  • Amatheya81
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    As everyone else has said it's the mind set. Getting yourself out of the feeling down about having no money and into feeling excited about how much your paying off.

    Also setting yourself a budget, packed lunches, not going shopping for entertainment, not impulse buying, cutting out things you don't need like magazines and re-suffling debts to reduce your APR.
  • MessyMare
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    Budgeting properly, well in advance, and paying for everything in cash have got to be mine. It's given me a sense of control and a big reality check as to where I'm at and what I'm doing
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