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whats the most os thing you have done ?

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    imataloss wrote: »
    Good luck with the hazel tree. We have one in our garden but the squirrels always seem to get to the nuts before we do :D

    Hopefully if that happens the dog might chase them off at least it will keep him busy and he might stop pulling the heads off my sodding daffs ! furry little vandal
  • mrswivemrswive Forumite
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    It seems as if what's considered weird by the population at large is normal amongst us OSers; OH and I do most of the things mentioned on this thread - but I find there's always something new to learn from you canny posters.
    The two things that have changed the way we live our lives, meaning we can have a very good life on not very good wages, were the things that changed the way we look at things ie. a book, 'How to Survive Without a Salary' by Charles Long, and, of course MSE. I tell everyone about this site, but sometimes it seems as if people would rather moan about being broke and in debt than take steps to do something about it!
  • Getting a new combi boiler (to replace 10 year old non-combi boiler). With the new found space in the cupboard when the hot water tank used to be am having a small radiator fitted so it can become a nice warm drying cupboard (should cut down on the tumble dryer in the winter!)
  • Using cloth nappies and wipes for my 3 children saved us a fortune and was pretty OS. Even with 3 of them in nappies for a while, it was manageable with the washing (about 6 days a week with all 3 in nappies, about every other day with 2 in nappies and about 2-3 times a week with 1 in nappies).
  • bundlybundly Forumite
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    The most oldfashioned thing I have done is comparing grocery prices, except whereas grandma did that on foot, wearing out her shoeleather, I do it the free way, by internet. Last week I was comparing the price of Hellman's and found it half price at Sainsbury's, so bought ten jars.

    Of course it would be even cheaper to buy a dozen eggs and a bottle of oil for £1 each at Poundland and make my own.... but it won't keep as long as 10 jars of Hell's...
  • juliethemusejuliethemuse Forumite
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    Pretani wrote: »
    wiped my but with a docking leaf
    i dont flush the loo every single time, i dont know if its to save water or i'm just bone idle,
    i also use teabags over and over until they split,
  • juliethemusejuliethemuse Forumite
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    i mean in tea, not as loo roll
  • cat4772cat4772 Forumite
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    My grandmother always used to say that necessity was the mother of invention but I think it applies to OS too!!

    When I was on maternity leave and only had £15 a week for shopping it lasted and we had a good and varied diet. Of course I had the luxury of time at home in being able to research prices online and even to visit the grocers about 20 minutes before closing time to pick up fresh veg & fruit for £1 (usually carrots, cauli, cabbage, tubs of blueberries, strawberries and & raspberries - essentially whatever the grocer didn't want to store in his coolroom!) Somethings were frozen to be used another day, others were used on the day of purchase.

    Another thing when on mat-leave; we walked EVERYWHERE. If I had to go somewhere further afield it would be in the cheaper off-peak times and I'd always combine reasons for trips i.e. registering DD birth in next village coincided with a trip to a friend's house.

    I often buy my husband two types of coffee - dirt cheap granules and shops own and decant these into the posh coffee jar (that he tells me he loves so much - he's never complained about taste or quality:rotfl:). I have a thermal teapot (ok, its normal teapot but we have a quilted-thermal hat that sits over the teapot that acts better than a tea-cosy to keep it warm for AGES).

    We aslo made more use of our public libraries - lovely and warm places, with newspapers to read as well as books. Many do story-time sessions to get kids hooked and we'd pop along to those; even if it was a 30 minute walk to the library in the next village:cool:

    Stale bread I've used for bread and butter pudding and making breadcrumbs etc. The wrapper used to wrap DHs sandwiches for work for a week - he only once threw it out and I told him I'd use newspaper to wrap his sandwiches; he didn't throw the bag away again;)
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    popped into my local library today and found that they are doing jigsaw puzzles as well as books now .What a brilliant idea, will save me a fortune in the charity shops as I love a good jigsaw
  • sutterssutters Forumite
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    marich wrote: »
    LongJohns , cardboard with cooking foil for insoles , an extra jumper/cardie , hot water bottles.. Saves £££s every winter !

    Did buy 2 pairs of thermal leggings this year from Poundstretcher (they are long johns really) and a thermal vest from Asda. My husband has had the same 2 pairs of long johns since he was about 20 and he is 40 now. I have worn them before too. It is quite cold where we are even with a well insulated house, fire and central heating so we go back to turning the heating down, wrapping up and water bottles. The kids love their fleecy/furry blankets and drag them round the house. The bills are just too high to keep turning the heating up!
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